Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09!

  • 04/05/2016

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 612


Hello, I’m Yasuo. In touring, I always watch a row of motorcycles carefully at service areas, and I feel happy when I find a machine maintained properly by the owner.

Gaudy customizing motorcycles are good. But I like to find the humble customizing which makes me feel “oh, there is an elaborated point!” and caring motorcycles is good.

Now, in this article, I will introduce the working processes to change exhausts which is the popular and most changeable in all customizing about the impact of appearance, texture, and feeling of riding.

This is the model motorcycle. YAMAHA MT-09 which is a best-seller motorcycle in 2014-2015. I borrowed this from one of my friends.

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 613


The owner rides it for wide use like not only touring but also track riding. Therefore, it is equipped with modified suspension and quick shifter, changed position, and invalidated its speed limiter. It looks simple but its riding performance is improved as I like.

The owner mostly likes the stock exhaust. (MT-09 sounds good even with stock exhaust!) In order to make the owner’s wish come true that he wants a little more maximum speed, I chose this because of its design, weight, and the manufacture’s experiences.


OVER: TT-Formula Full Titanium Exhaust

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 614

Including the silencer and the unique tail pipe making the exhaust’s length proper, the exhaust is all made of titanium! The 3-2-1 system is rare, so I’m really excited at how it sounds.


Preparation for work

There are many kinds of environment to work. Some people do it in front of their house or apartment, and some have the place indoors.

It is important to work ,keeping the things in order, not to lose the tools, parts, and screws.

When you change the exhaust, it is good to cover the floor with mats (I used to do it with corrugated cardboards…) in order to protect it from getting damaged.

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 618


As you work on the bottom part of your motorcycle, it is good to let it higher with a racing stand like the picture because it makes the work easier and safer if your motorcycle has no center stand.

Removal of the stock exhaust

In case of MT-09, the stock exhaust is mounted with

・6 flange nuts

・2 bolts at the silencer part

・1 screw at the O2 censor.

It is easy to remove by only 9 screws. In this connection, the stock exhaust is approximately 9kg in weight by maker’s data. It is rather light in recent models


Finally, I install the exhaust. At first, I start with the exhaust pipe.

Curbing my enthusiasm, I read the installing description thoroughly. (OVER’s description has an assembly drawing that is easy to understand.)You should check all the attachments and understand the structure of each part.There is a proper way like to install after the combining parts are temporarily assembled or to install one by one, depending on products. Thus, it is important ‘not to hurry!’

Furthermore, you should change the gaskets. Those are often stuck to the exhaust port’s side, so remove those with a screwdriver or picking tools which have sharp tips. 

This time, I use the gaskets of outside articles because of the arrangement.


KITACO: Exhaust Gasket Set 2 pcs.

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 622


It is need to prepare each bolt. Apply grease or something in order to avoid seizure.

If you reuse nuts, remove dirt with things like parts cleaner, especially the cutting part not to leave things like sand. This time, I apply copper grease with a brush. This grease is mixed with copper, and it prevent screws from being stuck. Exhaust is a part becoming high-heated, so this small process makes the next removal easy.


Don’t forget the gaskets while installing the exhaust pipe!

However, as the gasket falls down due to the degrees, it is good to stick to cylinder head’s side with grease or something instead of glue.

About this product, No.2 pipe is assembled at first, then, the both sides (No.1 and 3) follow. I have not actually fixed those yet, holding the pipe move a little right and left.


Installing the center pipe and silencer.

I unite exhaust pipe and center pipe. It is the simplest and most popular type as it is inserted and held with spring.

The inserting part has the case to apply liquid gasket. However, the description doesn’t say about using this, so I apply cooper grease thinly, providing for the future disassembly. Also, it is good to use lubricant for adjusting each pipe’s degree.

Before connecting, install the O2 censor.

As wiring is attached, roll its pipe’s side and contain not to twist.


After the center pipe is attached, I work on installing the silencer.

As this silencer is mounted diagonally, this work is a little hard.

Using the stock exhaust’s attached part of body’s side, I assemble the bolts, collar, washer, bracket, following the description.


Finishing work

After all the pipes are connected, I work on first degreasing.

If you leave oil and fat stuck while working, the burnt color is going to be uneven and it looks bad. Therefore, you need to do careful degreasing.

After degreasing, I install the attached spring, using the spring hook on connecting part.

Finally, I torque each part and check the interference of each part.

・O2 Censor = 25Nm

・Flange Nut = 20Nm

・Silencer Bracket Bolt = 20Nm


Tools used for this work

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 635

Copper grease

Hexagon wrench

Spring hook

3/8 Socket handle

Extension bar (2 kinds)

12-mm socket

13-mm socket

12-mm T wrench

There are more tools like part cleaner, rag for wiping, mats, and maintaining stand. Not showing in this picture, I use 22-mm spanner for O2 censor.



After torque, I do degreasing once again. Then, the desired start of engine is coming. So far, it has passed about one and half hour as I worked carefully.

I check there is no leaking of exhaust.

After starting or while first riding, it may emit smoke and smell due to the oil and fat left though it has been degreased. However, it is not abnormity. Also, the oil and fat inside are contained the exhaust and may emit smoke.

Popular Customization. Installing OVER’s Full Exhaust to MT-09! - 636


There is a lot of people who may think that “It is hard to change full exhausts!” and hesitate to do that by themselves. I’m happy if you feel that “It is easier than I expected!?”

In case of slip-on type, it is much easier to change. So, would you challenge it?

The basic processes are ‘keeping the things in order,’ ‘reading the description carefully to imagine the working process,’ ‘cleaning screws & managing the oil supply and torque,’ ‘decreasing before the engine starts!’



This model motorcycle is also equipped with OVER’s rearrests kit. It is highly precise and its texture is also GOOD! Black anodized aluminum makes the bottom part look smart.


*The Products presented in this article.


TT-Formula Full Titanium Full Exhaust System


Full Exhaust System Gasket (1 Set of 2pcs.)


4 Position Rear Sets Kit


See Accessories for YAMAHA MT-09(FZ-09)

See Accessories of OVER


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