[Kenny Sagawa’s Column] We Will Think About “Electronic Control” of The Recent Trend

  • 10/05/2016


Electronic control as the safety device

Recently, When I talked with the person in charge of the motorcycle manufacturer or media officials, I clearly heard the word [Electronic Control].

Power Mode and ABS and Traction Control are needless to say, In case of the recent motorcycle, it is not rare that it has a non-throttle wire, and electronically controlled suspension and gear change also. These electronically controlled system was delayed slightly as compared to the four wheels, it has rushed to the world of two-wheel by technological innovation and cost reduction.


The Electronic Control is a safety device making up for the fatal mistake of the rider

I was realized when I tested to drive the neo-classical model, such as Triumph Street Twin and Moto Guzzi V7 II recently. These is also mounted the electronically controlled system. Of course, some says that “It does not need such things to enjoy the atmosphere of neo-classical model.”

However, in my opinion, the electrical control is a safety device that will compensate for the fatal mistake of the rider, and we should be thankful for the insurance. Especially, in cold-season, I’m worried about grip of tires, but I am relieved thanks to the electronically controlled system, actually I was helped by those system.


If i had a bad luck, I might fall down

In a recent test drive of neo-classical model, It was when I tried to accelerate and turn left at the intersection. When the rear tire was on the manhole, I thought too much open the accelerator. Sure enough, the rear tire began to slip. Actually, you think there was a time if written in a sentence, But it was a moment of the incident. Already late when I felt the slip, If i had a bad luck, i might fall down.

However, the traction control really helped me. In my sense, I felt that it had stalled now, but It was possible to continue to accelerate as if nothing had happened. I guessed the Traction Control was not so high-spec system because of the neo-classical model. However, it would be a big difference whether it has Traction Control or not, even the intervention timing is a little slow.


It is electronically controlled going beyond an expert

On the other hand, the latest sports model is natural enough to not feel the intervention of Traction Control and mastering this positively will also lead you to a safety and fast run. It was written before that the SUZUKI new model was released last year. The model such as GSX-S1000  GSX-S1000F has a enormous power, we can launch smoothly even in a full acceleration without instability.

In addition, in case of YAMAHA new YZF-R1 that collected great attention last year, we can deal 200ps with safely and gently by intervening the traction control instantly. If it were not for it, i would be finish by high-side at the final corner of the Fuji Speedway in the last test riding.


Breaking  in front while cornering

I was really aware of appreciating the electronic controlled system when I run off-road. It is a pack of electric control system that you know such as the latest DUCATI Multistrada 1200S, BMW 1200GS and KTM 1290 Super Adventure. It also includes such as cornering ABS other than the electronically controlled basic pack as described above. We can use the front brake while cornering on the forest road.

That is an impossible story for a rider who has a bitter experience to a various failure in a long riding history such as using front brake (Strongly) during tilting the vehicle body on the dirt road. However, it would be possible by the latest electronic control system.

The tool expanding human ability and the field of activities.


I think that the Electrical Controlled System might already overtake human being. Rather, it has even more than skilled work of expert riders. Recently we heard some news that AI (Artificial Intelligence) won the professional players of Shogi and Go that is more difficult than Shogi. The same things are happened in the motorcycle operation even though there is partially.

There may be many people who like old-type carburetor model. It is ok! However, considering as a tool for us to extend the human ability and field range of motorcycle, electronically controlled system is not so bad. At least for travelling or enjoying on the winding road by motorcycle, it is better you can approach to objective in a higher dimension without dangerous happenings.


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