Test Ride Reports on ”SCRAMBLER CLASSIC”


Test Ride Reports on DUCATI’s Latest Model ”SCRAMBLER CLASSIC”

DUCATI’s new ”SCRAMBLER” is recording good sales after its release in June 2015.

Maintaining its traditional style that made an influence in the 60’s and 70’s, SCRAMBLER is a heritage model that has reborn with modern aspects. Motorcycle journalist Kenny Sagawa will test ride and report the joy and freedom that this popular motorcycle offers and show you why it has caught the hearts of a wide range of fans through test ride videos.


DUCATI SCRAMBLER CLASSIC – It’s Fun and Sportier than it Looks.

SCRAMBLER is available in 4 different models. The one I took for test ride was ”Classic”, equipped with aluminum fender (front/rear), spoke wheel and vintage style seat to exaggerate traditional style. And yet it is installed with modern parts such as LED ring headlight and short exhaust that I think is typical DUCATI style.

SCRAMBLER is mounted with Air-cooled 2 Valve L Twin engine from MONSTER 796. Maximum output is a modest 72ps, however due to 170kg (dry weight) light weight, it will exert instantaneous force at middle speed torque and let the driver feel more speed than it is specified to offer.

Front and rear suspensions have long stroke and traction that are typical for the L twin beat and specially developed block tires will perform great on well on rough asphalt surfaces. For your information the tires have slicks on the edge for safety at lean cornering. That means that you can use it in sporty conditions as well.


Handling is quite easy, and is more pleasant compared to the MONSTER series. It maybe due to the rather large 18 inch front tire and spoke wheel. It’s so light you might forget that it is a 800cc model when driving through the city at low speed. however as speed increases it will offer a stable and comfortable ride. The upright position gives you clear vision and lacks stress. The slim body and stable standing position will be convenient when riding in the city. The not too sharp engine that exerts moderate power is just right for everyday riding.

It was so easy to handle, I tried it on dirt roads as well and it was awesome. You can skid the rear tire and take a counter streering at dirt tracking with no effort at all. Come to think of it SCRAMBLERs were originally road models modified for dirt roads and deserts before motocross models existed. In that point of view, the reborn SCRAMBLER can be quoted as the one and only both in name and substance. At a glance its stylish but when you’re on it you’ll realize it’s a genuine sports model. It’s equipped in detail with excellent texture and is a good example of ”DUCATI SCRAMBLER Quality”.



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