Piaggio Vespa admiration for the beautiful wooden biker glitter of Portugal

  • 25/07/2016

Mr. Carlos Alberto, the Portuguese proved his love for her daughter Daniela with a unique masterpiece is widely admired. That’s a Vespa is made entirely from wood …

This unique vehicle was Carlos cherished since 2001 when he had the idea of ​​wooden Vespa from the curve of the sides of the bed. By 2007 the new Carlos embarked on work crafted car.

The embryo is a 1957 Vespa with a capacity of 50cc, the maximum speed is 46mph. Initially the original car weighs 87kg, after the entire rib and replace wooden shell vehicle weight reached 107kg.

All parts (93%) are made from wood. Except for the parts majeure as rims, wire win , damping … left all the details are skillfully crafted from wood materials.

Even to the screws on the car are made of wood.

It is worth mentioning is the exact parts of this car versus amazingly original. Of course the car is fully operated normally.

This unique show car has been honored to be at the museum in Germany Vehicles Vespa. The car really is a truly meaningful gift for the daughter of Carlos and for all Vespa fans.


*** This is the process of designing the processing of Carlos Alberto:

The drawing is done in detail before practice

The main frame is shaped from natural wood panels

The skeleton continues to be developed in accordance with the standards of the original Vespa

The gas tank was mounds of aluminum sheet

The last paragraph is used honed to all fit together



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