Single Cylinder 250cc Nakeds

  • 09/06/2016


In “TWIN RING MOTEGI”, the 2016 model 250cc class test ride event was held. On that day, it was bad weather but I was able to ride to 2016 models in all categories over a long period of time. This time, I wrote down about the [Naked Motorcycle of Single Engine] as a second report of test drive. It is Z250SL, CB250F, and 250DUKE that has draws many people’s attention!


KAWASAKI Z250SL Distinguished lightweight and slim body!


It is a model that condensed the advantages of a single-cylinder model called “lightweight compact”. It may be pleasant to compete by this advantage with the twin-engine group!

Engine Displacement: 249cc

Fuel Consumption: 39.0 km/L (60km/h) 2-person riding
Tank Capacity: 11.0L
Maximum Power: 29ps/9,700rpm
Seat Height: 785mm
Curb Weight: 148kg



HONDA CB250F The No.1 Motorcycle on The City Road!


Because it is newer than VTR in HONDA 250cc naked motorcycle, the modern feeling is drifting in a design and styling around the meter.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 50.1 km/L (60km/h) 2-person riding
Tank Capacity: 13L
Maximum Power: 29ps (21.0 kw)/9000rpm
Seat Height: 780mm
Curb Weight: 158kg



KTM 250DUKE Individualistic Style with Off-Road Motorcycle Taste!


Because it is equipped with a 250cc engine to the body of the 125-based, the Compact body is impressive. The powerful engine feeling that have not equipped in Japanese motorcycles is also attractive.

Engine Displacement: 248cc
Fuel Consumption: –
Tank Capacity: 11.0L
Maximum Power: 23KW (31.3HP)/9,000rpm
Seat Height: 800mm
Semi-dry Weight: Approximately 139kg



[Position] Rider Height: 176cm/Body Weight: 69kg


It has a slim and compact body like 125cc model. The visibility is also very good. The handlebar position is a slightly lower and correspond to a sporty riding.





It is upright riding position assuming a rider who use it in town riding mainly, the handlebar position is near and compact.


cb250f ride



The riding position is like a off-road model because handlebar width is wide and upper body of rider will be upright. It is obviously different with other Japanese models.


duke riding

[Riding Experience]



It has a powerful low-medium engine rotation range and a pleasant pick-up characteristics like Ninja 250SL. The intermediate acceleration by torqueful engine is an advantage part. But acceleration at high engine rotation is not enough.


z250 engine



It is adopted a water-cooled 4-stroke DOHC 4-valve single cylinder engine that has a established reputation for the CBR. It has an emphasis on pleasure manipulating for daily riding, but it rotates smoothly up to high engine rotation range like CBR250R.


cb250 engine



The powerful pulse feeling of engine is the best in this class. The torque of medium-engine rotation is so thick, and a peak power is also comparable with the twin engine group. It is better not to use high-engine rotation too much with the case of this engine.


duke engine





It is very lightweight model that has a name of the initial SL= Super Light. The quick turning at multiple curves it is too nimble when weight shifting.


z250 handing



The mobility of it in a small city road is the top class skill. You can control it easily. The front tire grip feeling is better and it has stability in spite of lightweight body.


cb250f handing



It is standardly equipped with the WP suspension in front and rear. It is possible to enjoy the handling in a high-rigid by tough truss frame.


duke handing

[Handling/Foot Grounding] Rider Height: 176cm/Body Weight: 69kg



This body are small, thin and light, anyway. The lightness of the handling is the tip top.


z250 footground



It is the lightness model befitting the 250 single, and the dynamic lightness stands out. It has a good foot grounding because of slim body befitting the single cylinder.


cb250 footground



It has a good handling because of the lightweight engine of air-cooled single, compact tank and easy handlebar position to handle. The foot grounding is also good. I can recommend to short women.


duke footground


[Meter Equipment]



The meter display of a full digital type is being organized in a clean and visible design. The movement of a bar graph type tachometer is so cool. *The photo is Ninja250SL.


z250 meter



It has the simple and modern meter. The digital type of speedometer has a easy to see scale.


cb250 meter



The multi-function meter with an orange color back light is characterized simple functionality that was inherited from the off-road model.


duke meter

[Around the Handlebar Switch]

Z250SL (Left & Right)

CB250F (Left & Right)

250DUKE (Left & Right)


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