• 09/06/2016


Model Name : VMAX

Manufacturer : YAMAHA

Model Year : 2008


New model has finally appeared. Since we’ve got used to the VMAX style, it’s visual impact isn’t as strong as that of the initial model, but its driving force is superb. Downshifting from 100km/h and one throttle roar will make the machine warp, emitting light smoke and black marks from the tire. You can’t experience this acceleration feeling by direct 4 or V twin engines.


The engine roars as though it has exploded and the tires fly away giving out glaring squealing sound. You can race through the mountains and also drive on streets with this bike. Its movement is too natural, but it actually turns out to be a “miraculous spirit” once you turn on the switch. No wonder it is the focus of attention. (Keiichiro Miyazaki)



Engine Type: Liquid-Cooled 4 Stroke/DOHC4-Valve/V Four Cylinder
Engine Displacement: 1679cc
Max. Power Output/Rev (PS/rpm): 200PS/9000rpm
Max. Torque/Rev (kg-m/rpm): 17.0kg-m/6500rpm
Weight(kg): 310kg
Tire Size(Front/Rear): 120/70R18・200/50R18
Price(JPY): 17.99 thousand dollars (Approximately 1.94 million yen, North America Spec)
*Note: 15L775mm


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