Yoshimura, MSX (13-15 / 16) for the “machine songs R-77S cyclone carbon end TYPE-Down EXPORT SPEC” launched a muffler

  • 28/06/2016


Planning and production of motorcycle parts, Yoshimura to perform the sale, was released to add for the “machine songs R-77S cyclone carbon end TYPE-Down EXPORT SPEC” muffler series to GROM (13-15 / 16).


Products, as far as possible silencer forward, while securing a bank angle closer to the inside, to achieve concentration of mass, to enhance the sense of unity with the vehicle body.


Type, stainless steel cover, metal Magic cover, titanium cover, all four types of titanium blue cover.

GROM (13-15 / 16)machine song R-77S cyclone carbon end TYPE-Down EXPORT SPEC government authentication

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■ style

as long as forward as possible silencer, while ensuring the bank angle is closer to the inside, to achieve the centralization of mass, we increase the sense of unity with the body.

■ performance characteristics

outperform normal across. No valley up to the rev limit, has played a performance characteristics around without stress.

■ weight

using SUS304 material to the material, achieving a weight reduction of about 46% compared to STD while improving durability. (STD: 5.0kg → R-77S titanium cover: 2.7kg) helping to improve-routing of the lightness of the acceleration performance.

■ aftercare

The Yoshimura cyclone (racing cyclone are excluded), we are with two-year product warranty. Furthermore remake service, by the after-sales service, such as a scarf hot line, offers a Yoshimura cyclone with confidence.


GROM Yoshimura machine song R-77S cyclone muffler sound



this EXPORT SPEC is, by that reflects the user’s request, which involved overseas, burnt colors and processing traces of while the performance-oriented artisanal Tig (welding) is finish remains of the original . It was also to realize an excellent price in terms of cost performance while realizing a Yoshimura own design style by using a highly durable stainless steel material.


Vehicle model : EBJ-JC61

Engine model : JC61E

Automobile exhaust gas test results certificate (Gasurepo) : Yes

Main Material : Stainless

Proximity exhaust noise : 85dB / 3,500rpm

Acceleration running noise : 78dB  


Price : SSC (stainless steel cover / carbon end type) ¥ 59,500 (excluding tax price)

SMC (metal Magic cover / carbon end type) ¥ 67,500 (excluding tax price)     

STC (titanium cover / carbon end type) ¥ 64,500 (excluding tax price)     

STBC (titanium blue cover / carbon end type) ¥ 69,500 (excluding tax price)


▼ stainless cover / carbon end type


▼ Metal Magic cover / carbon end type


▼ titanium cover / carbon end type


▼ titanium blue cover / carbon end type


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