Rossi’s Ranch Featured in Cool Video

  • 28/06/2016

Do you remember when Kenny Roberts trained European riders how to slide a bike by putting them on a small dirt track aboard XR100s? It has been a while, but the European tradition at that time had riders raised on small displacement two-strokes who were uncomfortable sliding their bikes,


and consequently were at a big disadvantage when they reached the 500 GP class and faced the likes of Australian Mick Doohan or American Wayne Rainey. If I recall correctly, Àlex Crivillé was one such student.

Today, Europeans understand very well the importance of training on dirt tracks. Valentino Rossi has a private track where some of the top European riders often congregate, and race. The cool video below has, at times, a vibe similar to the classic On Any Sunday. It is all about Rossi’s ranch . Take a look.




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