Cafe Racer bike origin – hobby “goose” made legendary

  • 16/05/2016

Cafe Racer bike origin – hobby “goose” made legendary - cafe3

Nowadays people are very familiar with the Cafe Racer bike – a degree is considered the oldest – so far. During forming, called “cafe racer” is not yet known, the only player with a concept bike simpler to call, the “Specials” – roughly translated “difference”.


Starter : “Specials” is one of the concepts or the first phrase for motor vehicles to change the structure, has emerged from the 1900s, it is associated with the development of industry history machine building and manufacturing of internal combustion engines in the world.


In the early 19th century hand motorcycle enthusiasts always want to produce cars bearing their own characteristics, so they changed the design and structure of the car factory genuine own liking, to be agreed chronic passion overcome the speed limit or personal expression. But due to the heavy influence of the social war that this period still have a hard time with the same fuel source-economic problems, so this period of the “Specials” only hobby is like goose the driver of the monster hand .


It was not until the 50’s, 60’s of the 19th century notion of “Specials” have a new official name is Cafe Racer, the cars of this type are derived from the UK and was developed by the clubs strong name first as: Rocker’s Club, 59 Club or Club Ace Café. The main groups of “hell driver” pushed Cafe Racer movement into an alternative cultural style, new in Western society at that time. While people under pressure to restore the economy after World War I, the Cafe Racer believers went beyond cultural barriers bland, tasteless industrial life to create a personal touch not unmistakable.


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Boom : Cafe Racer cars is seen as the model of the first complete history of the car world. The name “Cafe Racer” was formed quite interesting because it comes from the spontaneous racing car players “early”. Initially, when the riders are not satisfied with their current car should have tried to find ways to improve the original car hobby. Beginning with the withdrawal of the wagon on a par with the fuel tank, raising the exhaust pipe and the fuel tank is placed along the horizontal axis with the saddle. The riders have made a breakthrough in design. Product they create is a dusty cars, sinewy, strong and seamless. The riders used the homemade cars racing together on the long road of the UK framework, the destination is the cafe. The losers will have to treat the remaining riders a party at the destination country. That’s why they call these vehicles is Cafe Racer – the cafe racer. The most famous Ace Cafe’s race still exists to this day.


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BSA Gold Star Clubman’s car in 1950 was the first genuine cafe racer in the world


In the early 60s, the emergence of two systems-cylinder engine (TWIN) has created a new trend for the Cafe Racer. Topping this period are the big names such as BSA, Triumph and Norton. The development does not stop at the main engine related parts also achieved significant improvements in terms of technology. Highlights to mention CLIP ON handlebars, foot support unit (desk footrest) advanced backwards, exhaust and exhaust systems increase capacity …


Cafe racer genuine development, Cafe Racer (self degrees) grow equally well. Mandate of the players car (so far) still is the creativity, explore new ones. This has created the formula of famous vehicles like Cafe Racer:


TRITON: Engines Triumph Norton Featherbed skeleton + TRIBSA: Engine BSA Triumph + skeleton NORVIN: Engine V-TWIN Vincent Norton Featherbed skeleton + *** The combination is seen as the norm of a Cafe Racer that time and we also maintained until today.


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In the early 70s a major change marked another step development of the history of Japanese Cafe Racer when entering the UK market. With the experience of their predecessors, the outstanding creative, competitive prices, the Japanese carmakers – notably Honda – have pushed the well-known brands such as Triumph, Ducati, Cagiva, BSA, Norton … into a dead end . Most regrettable is the collapse and bankruptcy of a European leading names in motorcycle – BSA tycoon.


Japanese car market leader with the first European Honda CB750 (the first supercar motorcycles in the world) , followed by the Z1000, Z900 Kawasaki in. But the Japanese were quick to recognize the trend changing structure of the race car, the hands should they embark on manufacturing spare parts left. That’s why today’s market spare parts, motorcycle accessories Japanese firms are still in the majority of market share.


Cafe Racer a level not merely change the design, but the concept of machine in this period was also formed and become an indispensable condition in the list of at the time. The only riders not to interfere in the parameters of the machine, they also developed the machine parts to help achieve their highest limits. Some improvements such as: carburetors increase the performance of Keihin, weiber; systems K & N air filter; car exhaust (exhaust) of Yoshimura superpower, Twin Brother or TERMIGNONI.



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The passion of the Cafe Racer from England was widely diffused among all players in the past cars and present. Today the Cafe Racer is a creative with a variety of ways, from basic, neutral to extreme. These hands can use any of the car to the embryo should a Cafe Racer if they love, they are typically used for both the Roadster, Touring or Cruiser Harley Davidson on preparations degrees. And of course the  Cafe Racer discern the  divine with the type of view would not be too difficult for the followers of this car line. The very rough, dusty and style has made ​​a worthy Cafe Racer you through time and the closeness with the Street Biker.



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