Kawasaki Z1000 Vietnam’s Titan

  • 24/03/2016


Kawasaki Z1000 models are considered the most prevalent in the market of PKL Vietnam since it appeared so far. This model also creates a lot of inspiration for the players of the car across the country.

Kawasaki Z1000 has been quite a lot of detail, especially after the gripping part is replaced and mounted a huge cake, up to 300mm. Although still easily recognize this is a Z1000 through “staging shirt” not much has changed. But if viewed from behind at a distance, then with 300mm tires and 2 exhaust has been reworked and brought down still, perhaps not easy to identify this vehicle.


The most striking when looking at the Kawasaki Z1000 is part rear Metzeler, size 300 / 35VR / 18 with 7 double-spoke.


However, the features are located on the front fork with a large U-shaped steel frame, sturdy enough to hold this huge pie.


Wheels and large vehicles have picked up a lot of space at the back exhaust system should be redone and brought from the bottom to the top, placed underneath the saddle.


Given number plate of the vehicle left side, rather than placed between tradition.


The details of the vehicle are thoroughly researched and drafted on computer before CNC machined with high precision. Selected material is also lightweight aluminum alloy and a pair of Two Brothers Racing exhaust Black Series.  


Cladding engine block and other ornamental details of the DMV.


The front end easily identify the details of Rizoma. Reportedly this is a product of the car factory Motor Phi Long, one of the well-known furnace in Saigon with many well-known products.


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Information Source: Webike Vietnam


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