Let’s Get to Know Webike Logistic Center!

  • 02/03/2016

Webike Yokohama Logistic Center (YFC) Introduction

Webike is the core of e-commerce motorcycle commercial suppliers. How to provide customers with the best shopping environment? In addition to the reception site and services, logistics logistics system is also very important part, the following will take you to “Webike Yokohama Logistics Center” know about it!

“Webike Yokohama Logistics Center” Acronym YFC, located in Kanagawa Seya-ku, Yokohama, in response to the growth of shipments, in April 2013 transferred so far; this center uses the most modern technology and management tools, the main responsible for the “purchase management,” “integrated storage” and “Order shipped” … and so on.


Management System Introduction

Webike has 13 years of experience in logistics management, self-developed “Instant logistics management system”, can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce manual operation mistake.

We use a small laptop with a Bluetooth barcode manage all commodities, information will be connected to a “real-time logistics management system”, whether shelves, inventory, shipping dynamically updated in real time and can ensure that no mistakes.


Warehouse Introduction

Currently YFC has tens of thousands of daily goods up and down the shelf items, including components and Knight supplies. In order to achieve efficient and safe inventory management, we based on the types of goods, inventory size categories; in addition to the clothes hanging in the way of an example custody, but also with dehumidifier moisture in the tires, fuels and oils also have a special counter-save it is to ensure that customers do not receive damaged goods or poor.

A Day at YFC 

You want to know how to prepare your Webike merchandise? You want to know the workflow YFC staff? Here’s a glimpse of what your band.


  1. The daily morning sessions: Today tasks and notes by the director explained.


2. Storage of goods inspection: check the goods name, quantity and check for defective products.


3. Categories of goods were shelves.


4. Prepare Shipment: scanning orders, shipping goods to read information.


5. Picking goods: find the right product, and then use bar code to confirm.


6. Product focus: After the completion of each order selection, must concentrate to avoid confusion with other orders.


7. Order once again confirmed: check the merchandise details and counting again by specialized personnel.


8. Packing job: special packaging workbench commodity package.


9. Prepare Shipment: All orders use packaged complete focus wagon, waiting for shipment.


YFC Most Professional, Intentions Service Team

“Webike” The goal is to provide the car to meet the expectations of its customers, and to continuously improve the Knights of empathy and better quality.

YFC all working partners will continue efforts to make every effort to meet customer demand when customers fast and secure receipt of goods is our greatest comfort and power !!



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