Yamaha, equipped with a release BLUE CORE engine LMW 2nd the “TRICITY 155” in Europe

  • 24/05/2016

2nd LMW of BLUE CORE water-cooled engine!

Yamaha Motor, the exhaust amount 155Cm 3 to release the front two wheels of the three-wheeled commuter equipped with the “BLUE CORE” water-cooled engine of “TRICITY (Tri-Cities) 155”.

This model is the second installment of LMW to promote one “spread the world of mobility of the Company’s growth strategy (Leaning Multi Wheel), are scheduled to be sold from September 2016 in Europe, such as the then Japan and Asia But the global model to sequentially sale.

Exhaust amount 125Cm 3 “TRICITY 125” of the introduction in Thailand as a commercial multi-wheel commuter of our first April 2014. Then Japan, and Europe are sold in countries around the world.

Light a new and fun by the sporty balance of handling and stability, innovative style has become popular.

Will be released this time “TRICITY 155” is, “spread more action range, New Standard City Commuter to satisfy the sense of ownership” has been developed on the concept. Production is carried out at a Thai group company TYM (Thai Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd.).

Colors 3 different colors of “mat Vivid Purplish Blue Metallic 1” and “white metallic 6” “Matt Gray Metallic 5”.



Matt Vivid Purplish Blue Metallic 1

White metallic 6

Matte gray metallic 5

Photo Gallery


■ name: “TRICITY 155”

■ Release date: September 2016 (scheduled)

■ Manufacturer’s suggested retail price: 4,499 euros (European Reference retail price 2 ※)

■ sales plan: 8,500 (1 year / all the world since its release)

※ 2 European reference retail price: This is a reference price which the Company has been calculated, due to differences in European countries tax rate, different from the actual retail price.



driving and fuel efficiency to achieve both “BLUE CORE” engine and our own LMW mechanism

■ rigidity riding position was relaxed by the newly designed frame and flat footboard area expansion was up

23.5L storage trunk or a DC power source of an enlarged ■ capacity cover with a glove compartment provided with a socket

■ new adoption of the parking brake, 5) I feel a sense of luxury LED headlight and position lamp

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Information provider [ Yamaha ]

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