How to be a Cafe Racer!

  • 24/05/2016


You’ve seen How To Build A Café Racer, but what if you lack the tools, technical ability or funds to create a fully customised café racer? Well, never fear. There’s alternatives that will have you slipping into the Café Racer crowd seamlessly, and you’ll barely even have to touch your bike!



Café racers are hugely popular, amongst riders and none-riders alike. Behind the café racer aesthetic is the DIY garage work, chopping and grinding to make a stock machine something unique and custom. Achieving this look on a bike can be tough, be it lack of expertise, tools, space or money. You may even have a bike that you may not feel fits the bill for being café’d up. Well worry not, we’ve found an easy way to convert any bike into the café look easily and cheaply.


What most don’t know, café racers are only 50% about the actual bike, and even then a working one isn’t necessary. It’s about the attitude, the look, and most importantly, the look. You need to be able to walk the streets and have people think “Now there’s someone that knows how to use an angle grinder”. And all this can be accomplished with a simple modification of what you wear, how you act, and a few minor changes to your motorcycle of choice.



A cost effective and simple way to add some custom chic to your ride is simply add a bit of sticky tape to your motorcycle’s headlight. Sticky tape was introduced onto racing bike headlights back in the day to keep shards of the brittle glass from breaking off and being strewn about the track. This trademark ‘X’ on a motorcycle’s headlight sure enough became a look that authenticated part of the café racer style. We took the time to analyse and explain some of the different methods used in this simple, yet powerfully effective way to customise your bike.














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Information Source: and Webike Vietnam


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