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Model Name: R1-Z

Manufacturer: YAMAHA

Model Year: 1990


In the days of 1990, racer replica models were in their heydays, and all manufacturers were competing over the performance level of their products. The design of this 2-stroke 250cc street naked bike, on the other hand, placed its value on the joy of ride, the comprehensive usability, and its maneuverability.

It mounted the engine, based on the ones for the initial TZR, on its newly designed truss structured diamond frame. The exhaust pipes of the carbon silencer chamber were crossed to optimize the expansion chamber while securing the banking angle.
While other motorcycles with 2-stroke engines withdrew the market because of the environmental problem aroused in the 1990s, this R1-Z still underwent a minor change and remained in the market. It was put on sale until 1999, when all manufacturers halted the production of the 2-stroke 250cc motorcycles all together.



[Basic spec]

Manufacturer YAMAHA Engine Type 2 Cycle Water-Cooled Crankcase Reed Valve
Model Name R1-Z Starter Kick Starter
Grade Maximum Output (ps) 45ps(33kw)/9500rpm
Drive Train Maximum Torque (kgf/m) 3.7kg-m(36.3N-m)/8500rpm
Model Type 3XC Curb Weight 152
Displacement 249 Dry Weight 133
Sales Launch Year 1990/0 Fuel Efficiency by Catalog 34.0 km/L (at 50 km/h)
Height/Width/Length 1040/-/2005 Fuel Tank Capacity 16
Seat Height 775 Distance to Empty
Front Tire Indication 110/70-17 54H TL Fuel Supply Carburetor
Rear Tire Indication 140/70-17 66H TL


Standard Plug BR9ES Chain Size 520
Number of Used Plugs 2 Chain Link Number 114
Engine Oil Amount 1.2 Battery Code FT4L-BS
Engine Oil (Refill) 1L Headlight 12V 60w/55w
Engine Oil (Element Replacement) Headlight Type H4
Front Blinker Rating 12V 10w Headlight Remarks
Drive Sprocket Teeth Number 14 Tail Light Rating 12V 21w/5w
Driven Sprocket Teeth Number 45 Rear Blinker Rating 12V 10w


Motor Model Code 3XC Caster Angle 24.5 Degrees
Bore (mm) 56.4 Trail (mm) 92
Storke (mm) 50 Minimum Ground Clearance
Compression Ratio 6.4 Distance Between Axes 1380
Ignition Method C.D.I. Magnet Ignition Streering Angle (Right)
Engine Lubrication Type Separate Lubrication Type Turning Angle (Left)
Frame Type Double Cradle Mirror Screw Hole Diameter 10mm
Minimum Rotaion Radius 2.8 Fuel Tank Reserve Capacity


Front Brake Type Double Disc Suspension Type (Rear)
Front Brake Remarks Number of Rear Shock Absorbers
Rear Brake Type Disc Rear Suspension Stroke
Rear Brake Remarks Rear Wheel Travel
Suspension Type (Front) ABS
Front Fork Type Drive Train
Front Suspension Stroke Differential Oil Amount
Front Fork Diameter Chain Remarks


Seat Lowering Allowance Theft Prevention Device
Mirror Screw Hole Diameter 10mm Tail Light Bulb Type S25
Mirror Remarks Use screw type mirror or reverse screw adapter. Tail Light Base Shape BAY15D
Electronic Device Remarks Tail Light Base Shape 2
Fuel Gauge Tail Light Remarks Glass Shape G18 Also Installable
Clock Front Blinker Bulb Type G18
Hazard Front Blinker Base Shape BA15S/BA15S


Clutch Type Tappet Clearance (mm) EX
Transmission 6-Stage Normal Shift Idling Initial Value (rpm)
Number of Gears Needle Steps (Clip Location)
Gear Ratio 2.333 / 1.647 / 1.315 / 1.083 / 0.961 / 0.875 Float Level (mm)
Primary Reduction Ratio 2.545 Air Screw Return
Secondary Reduction Ratio 3.214 Main Jet Type MIKUNI Hex Large
Variable Speed Vehicle Gear Ratio Main Jet Number #230
Tappet Clearance (mm) IN


Clutch Cable Length 900 Rear Brake Cable Length
Choke Cable Length Other Cables
Meter Cable Length Engine Number (Production Launch)
Throttle Cable Length 910 Engine Number (Production End)
Front Brake Cable Length


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