All types of degrees, thousands of toys for Yamaha Exciter type

  • 10/03/2016


Yamaha Exciter is a lot popular biker and the favorite driver. This can be considered as a versatile sports car, with appropriate structures to customize a lot of different versions of colors and plant engineering.

Change color map to play but personality  

This is the first personal choice that new players often do Exciter with a new vehicle purchase by the original cost is very cheap. A sports stamps, stickers are easy to search colors in the motorcycle parts store is only available from a few dozen to a few hundred thousand dong.


“To be playing” more and more often biker new paint on the little details on the car as the brake caliper, add bolt, nut multicolored, hand brake, clutch design fancy , sport…

Small items is as easy search and price ranges from several hundred thousand to a million, depending on the manufacturer and origin (China, Thailand or parts of firms from Europe ..). The replacement of these details are simple, just the workers have basic knowledge about the car can do.

All the players want to own the color pattern unique Exciter, which often seek to 1-0-2 paint shop, paint airbrush instead “wings” his new car. Usually the cost of the car paint or paint Airbrush fluctuate quite widely, from 5-10 million, depending on the design drawings and color quality. High spare parts, technical upgrading machines – expensive, but quality With the biker is not satisfied with some of the design and operation of the original car, the better equipped operation, safer will be a new installation.


First the twin biker often replace new tires imported from Thailand, Japan and even from Europe brought the famous brands such as Michelin, IRC, Continental, Dunlop, Metzeler, Pirelli … Most commonly, double Michelin tire line Sporty Pilot, Pilot Street cost around 1.7 to 2.5 million. In addition to new tires of size equivalent to the original tire, the players usually Exciter 135 width tire change after a little larger than the original tires to increase traction when cornering.

Branded toys such as “pig” wins, the oil together with bigger brakes, clutch, hand brake, footrest … bearing famous brands like Brembo, Racing Boy … was the favorite toy.

New chain gear sets, gold chains are also being biker toy alternatives original map to increase stability and youthful impression to the vehicle. A Japanese DID chain gear.

To increase the stability of the suspension, the dampers before Up-side-Down are replacing parallel twin damping indentation on the front wheel. Original rear shock absorbers are often replaced by the better quality suspension from Ohlins to leave the oil tank, which can change the stiffness of the damping to suit operational needs.

Also, biker Exciter ownership usually sets up the Xenon headlamps, LED lighting for higher performance than the original ball. The selling price of a Bi-xenon headlamps either made in China or  originating in Thailand, Japan.

The replacement car exhaust is also popular with all levels using depot cans of famous manufacturers such as Yoshimura exhaust, Leovince, Nobi, Akrapovik, AHM … The custom exhaust cans of different categories and prices sub depending on the material as depot and operational performance. Some types of titanium exhaust not only bring sports appearance, explosion of excitement that can improve the performance of the engine. The many levels of exhaust from the replacement depot cans silencer parts, replace the entire discharge from the neck to reduce cans instead of the entire exhaust system.

Renovation of the car – the “whole”

“Climax” of all the car’s appearance is changing Exciter almost the entire tire to the details on the car looks to have personality, unique paint with strangers. “All of” this requires the biker to have thoughts and uniform vehicle “purse” fairly vibrate.

When Vietnam Yamaha engine upgrade comes on the line Exciter changed the whole appearance. There are many biker wants “to life” Exciter Exciter 135 into the 150 cc by the jacket “wings” of version 150. These changes include the tail to leave sports behind the vehicle, the front end from instrument panel, front and detailed bibs as depot, taillights, turn signals … Due to the design of two different versions so Exciter “to life” is not simply the shell assembly, the player must replace change the location of the new shell mounted on the chassis previous life. With the amount of 3-4 million, a 135 cc Exciter can “morph” into a 150 cc version sports more robust design.

Yamaha Exciter 150 Camo version. Rarely, the player upgrade Exciter 135 up to 150 cc version “Zin”. Enclosed with the upgrading of the wing is more detailed with bold personality of the owner. That is the game does not stop by the biker wants his car to become a unique, fancy. Along with the upgrade orchestra shell is the high-end toys details are added simultaneously. Completely transfigured for Exicter – Population of personality With the owner of the Exciter 150cc new life, the desire of the biker is Metamorphosis looks of the car into a completely different style – sportbike models.

Want to play “all levels”, the player must have the knowledge, purse vibrate and enterprising spirit “breaking” the original car can be changed by the operator of the vehicle structure. The change affects the structural details will be double-edged sword if the player is not equipped with adequate knowledge about the car.

The head of the sports car like Yamaha R1, X1R … is inspiration to the players Metamorphosis his Exciter. Even many players “weird” and change the face of their Exciter detailed clusters characterized by Luvias models, Honda Click …

Thus, changing the entire shape recognition outside of Exciter is a requirement of the players should have the knowledge about the structure first operational impact as well as the concept of the design lines of the vehicle.

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