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  • 05/02/2016

The other day, we have to test drive in Spain in new Brutale 800 of MV Agusta.



Not to be outdone in the domestic car degree of completion of the “highest level”

Frankly, there is the highest level in technical perfection this time, we’re not all taking the shrinkage in domestic cars. And, even if the character has been emitted is Rashiku passion Italian, pointed element is eliminated, iding ease will take care to follow the firm rider.
As many of the European manufacturer is the case, MV Agusta is no never large as company size, you can not invest the huge sum of money in basic research as Japanese manufacturers. But, technically located in the state of the art. By joint development with European manufacturers of each field supplier, it is because have received the offer of state-of-the-art technology.
Electronic control Magunetti-Marelli, ABS Bosch, not been adopted in  Brutale the electronic control suspension is so on Sachs. European Pirelli many manufacturers to tire, to adopt a Brembo to brake, not only they are excellent, there is also because it is possible to suppress the development costs have appointed joint development regime.

That global technology sharing is bring
However, Japanese manufacturers do not like these efforts. It will be a technically proud of and more of their own is better, because there is technology accumulation due to the development of their own there is also a belief that important. Also, will there be confidentiality constitution from the old.
But, given the globalization of reality and industry of European cars, it seems to have come to the time of the policy change.
From this year, ECU in the MotoGP will be common to Magunetti-Marelli. By new entrants manufacturer to the Moto GP uses the ECU, to reduce the technical handicap in an electronic control surface, it is that the aim is to easily participate.
I, this ECU common is, are you think and even if that cast a stone in commercial vehicle development.



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