VESPA PX150 Touring with Upbeat 2 Cycle Engine

  • 10/06/2016


Today we’d like to introduce you one of the motorcycles that was spectacular at the ”JAIA Import Model Test Ride” held at Oiso Prince Hotel located in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. We checked it out on the public road and the Seisho Toll Road in the eyes of a general rider.


Welcome to the World of VESPA

The shape of this VESPA is the one that we are all familiar with. The steel framed body features a unique and traditional structure. It is mounted with gear shift on the handlebar , foot brake and 2 Cycle Engine fitted comfortably on the right side of the side cover.

Sales for VESPA 150 are still continuing to grow in Japan. On this event I test rode VESPA PX150. It was a PX150 Touring Model equipped with Windshield and Carrier offered at 539,000YEN (Manufacture’s Suggested Retail Price/Tax-included). The retail price for PX150 Basic Model is 498,000YEN (Tax-included).



A spare tire is installed inside the left side cover and it has a plump bodyline when you look at it from behind. Anyone would realize it’s a VESPA. It is a traditional model with excude presence. Like the Japanese Super Cub, Italia’s VESPA has maintained its design.


Traditional Handle Gear Shift and 2 Cycle Engine with Nostalgic Sound

New scooters are usually equipped with non-stage transmission which will start just by twisting the acceleration. However the PX150 is equipped with shift gear and requires clutch control. Gear ratios are carved on the base of the lever which by means is a gear position indicator. First it might cause you fuss checking the handle to change the gear, but when you get used to it, you’ll be able to enjoy the blast of the engine.



The front tire has a single-sided front fork and is equipped with a modern disc brake. The rear tire also has a single-sided swing arm and Kick Pedal sticking out from the left side. You will have to get off the scooter and kick it down with your right foot. Of course it is equipped with an electric starter but kick it in on in the old-fashioned way and the engine will start with a low trembling sound.


The Torque Engine will Offer Smooth Rides

The energetic 2 Cycle Engine offers 7.8 horsepower at 6000 rpm and 1.14kgf/m at 4000rpm. Combined with 10 inch wheels on front and back side, it will offer surprisingly smooth rides. You will be able to enjoy exciting rides under 60km/h.


I rode it on the public roads of Oiso Long Beach and on the Seisho Toll Road. As you would expect, the 10 inch tires were occasionally unstable and the rather large body seemed to be easily influenced by the wind blowing from the sea. Come to think of it the PX150 was born in the city. It’s not a scooter to ride on toll roads with glaring eyes. It’s best to ride comfortably at legal speed.



Utilities of VESPA PX150

Blinker and Light Switches are uniquely designed but are located in the same place as Japanese scooters so you won’t have trouble finding them. They feature old-fashion designs that have been used for VESPA for a long time.



Handling and Standing Position of VESPA PX150

The vehicle weighs 120kg dry weight and was lighter than I expected. I am 169cm high and weigh 62kg, and the standing position for me was not so good as you can see in the picture. If you’re shorter you must be careful.



It’s hard to handle but special because of its tradition and maturity. It is packed with loveliness, dignity and charm that’ll attract the driver.



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