Entertain super simple two-wheel driver not the shaft

  • 09/09/2016

Recently, the stock car super exclusive, super-weird named Tron bike (priced up to $ 55,000) has appeared very striking design with two-wheel shaft no . This car has many followers fiction enthusiast crazy.


Highlights of the motorcycle PKL ‘s new two-wheel without axis, direct drive from the engine to the wheels. A product with similar styles recreated Parker, Yamaha R1 superbike life aboard in 2001.

Meanwhile, parts of the vehicle forks are replaced with all kinds of hydraulic brake off inside, similar to the rear wheels. Chain no direct connection from the following disc Iguana  as usual, which would connect to the rim. Large tires brought to the pit appearance superbike , size 120/70 front and 300/35 behind.

Information Source: Webike VN



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