Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI

  • 21/06/2016

Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI - tokushu vol63 749 436 New

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SUZUKI’s topical new models, GSX-S1000&1000F with the engine of GSX-R1000, SuperSport model.

From the test-riding event for the press held on the other day, Kenny Sagawa, a bike journalist, reports the impression.

Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI - vol63 n02L


It is powerful but easy to control. I’m amused at riding with making the best use of the nimble traction control. Its appearance setting down lower is impressive as it is like a beast chasing his prey. It is a big advantage to be 209 kg in weight. I can’t think that it is 1000cc naked type.

The advantage makes it easy to control in parking area. As mounting, it is good to reach my foot on the ground because the seat is sport type shaped.


RENTHAL’s aluminum-made handlebar with luxury feeling is European type. It makes riders in a little forward-bent posture like Street Fighter. Surroundings of the meter look smart and easy to watch. The fully digital indication is stylish.


The engine is based on GSX-R1000 2008 model, and its selling point is the heavy torque at the low-middle speed, making the best of its long stroke.

Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI - a20150821 vol63 n09LHowever, it is not like the heaviness of Hayabusa but the lighter than I expected. It is a kind of high speed rotation type. As I thought, its engine is based on Super Sport type.

The more it is rotated, the more power gushes out. The sound being like the roar of a beast is also attractive as SUZUKI is particular about it.


The wheel base is compact as it is 1,460 mm. It makes the tight turn easy. However, I don’t feel scary because it is too light or unstable. At the low speed, it is light. But, the faster the speed becomes, the more stable it is. I feel that the engine’s position is lower than GSX-R. Because of that, the edgy leaning is eased. It finished making familiar even for the beginners.



It is a successor of traction control used in V-Strom 1000. Its intervention becomes more detailed, from two steps to three. Mode 1 is for sport riding and good at track riding. Mode 2 is for street, and Mode 3 is supposed to ride on wet or chilled road surface. It can be changed by one button depending on the riding condition or the rider’s likeness. I especially recommend Mode 3. If I open the throttle a little too much as I set up at the corner, the lump of meter’s indicator lights, and I notice that the traction control works on intervention immediately traction control. When the intervention starts, the movement is so smooth that I don’t feel something wrong indicating the cut of ignition.


Instead of having no selectable power mode like Hayabusa or GSX-R1000, the traction control handles the power. As a result, I can handle the full power of 145 ps  like European models. The rider is helped by the motorcycle without noticing. I can feel the overwhelming merit of traction control.  Of course, you can turn it off. However, I recommend you to keep it on for your safety because the bike has 145 ps full power.


About the brake system, the front brake equipped with the Brembo’s radial caliper is effective enough to control. As ABS works at the its deep level, it is coordinated for sport riding. Just one thing, I dare to say is that the movement of rear shock could be a little more luxury. While the throttle works well, it will be perfect if it could control the body’s postural change a little more. However, this performance at 1,110,000 yen is so amazing as if it is bargain-basement price.


You should feel the benefit of full fairing as the high speed and enjoy dynamic riding even on tracks. Next, I tried GSX-S1000F, full fairing model.

Its engine and chassis are the same as STD (standard model), naked type. However, as it is covered with the full fairing which has two-lamp headlight and screen, it looks different. While I said STD is a ‘beast,’ F has the mask implicating a ‘raptor’  like an eagle flying in the sky. Depending on the angle, it looks smarter.

Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI - a20150821 vol63 f18L

With full fairing, I think there are both merit and demerit.As the merit, the more aerodynamics effect is strengthened and stability in straight is improved, the more wind protection is improved. Especially, at the high speed like over 100 km/h, the effect is overwhelming. Though I feel the wind at my whole body with STD, my bottom part under the neck is hardly feel the wind pressure with F even at upright posture. Though the shape of screen is compact, it works well. In high-speed cruise, it will remarkably contribute to the fatigue reduction. Also, it should renew the full speed.


On the other hand, the demerit is that the vehicle becomes heavier. It is 5 kg heavier than STD, but how do you think? Originally, the body is light and I think it is not a problem. However, in actual riding, there is a big difference in handling. The fact is interesting for me.


For example, in turning at very low speed. In light turn at crossroad, STD wins indeed. Furthermore, while lane changing at high speed or riding at S-shaped section, F’s sharpness becomes dull   because the cowl accepts the resistance of wind. There is also a difference of handling because of weight distributions. Also, it is a good point that the stability in cornering is improved by increasing the load in the front.

Test Riding Report of GSX-S1000/1000F, created with all the might of SUZUKI - a20150821 vol63 f01L

In this connection, both suspensions are made by KYB, as well as STD, but the setting of front fork is exclusive. In concrete terms, I hear that it is strengthened the preload and damping force a little to match the increase of weight. Because the movement changes in crossing the difference in level, I want a little more damper’s strength.


Other equipment and spec are the same as STD. The suspension system is enriched. Fully adjustable inverted fork, rigid swing arm which is the same as GSX-R1000, and Brembo’s radial caliper are the standard equipment. Furthermore, it also has high-tech equipment like traction control which you can change the mode, electronic controlling ABS, and SUZUKI Easy Start System which makes the start with one push, fitting to the current trend.


As F is good at high-speed cruise, grand winding, and riding on track, it seems to works on those occasion well.

As you know, it is super naked type with the heart of GSX-R1000 which has led the world’s racing scene. With the full power of 145 ps and support of traction control, you should enjoy wild riding with safety.

For your information, SUZUKI’s person said that F has sold more than STD so far. The decision to choose is up to users. It might be sure to choose depending on the purpose, way to ride, and final, liking of styling.

The price is 1,160,000 yen, 50,000 yen higher than STD. this is also an attractive price.


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