Suzuki’s VISION GSX-R750. Utterly, jaw-dropping, gorgeous, based on REAL patent drawings

  • 04/10/2016

Check out this awesome illustration from our Japanese friends at the brilliant Young Machine magazine.

This is Vision GSX-R, the bike is a computer generated image. So far, the only nod towards the bike has been a set of Japan-office-only patents that centre around a new version of the firm’s old oil-cooled motorcycle.  We’ve put them in this article below.

The puzzle is as to WHY Suzuki has patented this engine at all, given the troubles a 1985-inspired oil-cooled engine will have to pass strict Euro 4 and the coming-soon Euro 5 legislation. But patent it Suzuki has and at the moment they want to keep this patent very close to the chest.


So what we know so far is that Suzuki HAS patented a NEW oil-cooled motor. That Suzuki IS continuing with the GSX-R750. That Suzuki WANTS to make a large (750-ish) capacity bike for markets like India based around the motor and Suzuki HAS already shown the tech in concept form to the public.



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