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  • 17/08/2016
Dirt bike


In TWIN RING MOTEGI, the 2016 model 250cc class test ride event was held. On that day, it was bad weather but I was able to ride to 2016 models in all categories over a long period of time.


The “2016 250cc model test riding report” that has been continuing to publish from the Vol.70 would be the last report “Dirt Bikes” of this time (seventh edition). Dirt Bikes is the item that will spread the width of the motorcycle play at once, such as forest road touring and amature race. Introducing motorcycles are 3-vehicle: WR250R, SEROW250, CRF250L!


YAMAHA WR250R Sharp revving and plenty of power at high rpm range!

WR250R has the top class spec in the Dirt bikes category for public roads. You can enjoy it by improving the performance with a lot of aftermarket parts, and it is popular one that is possible to join amateur races by dirt bikes for the public roads.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 34km/L (60km/h Driving)
Tank Capacity: 7.6L
Max Power: 31ps (23.0 kw)/10000rpm
Seat Height: 895mm
Curb Weight: 132kg

YAMAHA SEROW250 Easy to handle with excellent balance!

For users who want to enjoy the trail riding and trekking, SEROW will be the best choice! It is relatively lightweight in the current line-up and easy to push the vehicle. Moderately soft suspension is easy to action and well-balanced with a mild engine.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 40.0km/L (60km/h) (2-seater)
Tank Capacity: 9.6L
Max Power: 18PS/7,500r/min
Seat Height: 810mm
Curb Weight: 130kg

HONDA CRF250L This is it, if you choose for On-road mainly!

CRF250L will give satisfaction to the users who said “I go to the forest road touring but 90% is on-road.” or “I want to ride in off-road but the on-road performance is more important.”. It is still popular “easy-to-buy” that the new vehicle can be purchased at the price of 460,000 yen.

Engine Displacement: 249cc
Fuel Consumption: 44.3km/L (60km/h) (2-seater)
Tank Capacity: 7.7L
Max Power: 23ps (17kw)/8500rpm
Seat Height: 875mm
Curb Weight: 143kg

[Position] Rider Model Height: 176cm/Body Weight: 69kg

It is a full-fledged position as an dirt bikes, visibility also take widely.

A handlebar position is high and a trial-like position.

It is the Intermediate Position of WR250R and SEROW250. It is “just right” without size discomfort even in the off-road and on-road.

[Riding Experience]


The response from low rpm range is good, especially when you feel the increasing power in high rpm range. The transmission is also firm and you cannot feel the characteristic of FI. It is no doubt to ride in high-speed even in off-road and on-road.

It is the only air-cooled engine in this 3-vehicle, and has poor spec. compared to the other 2-vehicle. That’s why, it is reassuring in the off-road. You can enjoy it from dirt bikes beginners to advance rider, and off-road riding performance is also excellent.

Engine is more torqueful than the specs! Particularly, the middle rpm range is active and it is easy to get the speed. It keep using gear widely until 6-gear while taking advantage of the torque and speed. In off-road, please do not forget the caution because the vehicle weight is 143kg.



The handling is lighter, and the high-performance suspension is straddle when entering the cornering from braking. The off-road is more enjoyable because the suspension stroke amount is long and the minimum ground clearance is also high.

I realized that the suppleness of upright suspension has become a major weapon easier to run the off-road.
It will be more enjoyable if riding slowly because the soft suspension is not suitable to ride for a high-speed on-road.

It is a somewhat heavy vehicle body. In addition, it is the lowest minimum ground clearance in these 3-vehicle. This lead to a handling with a sense of stability in on-road. The suspension was also suitable for on-road setting.

[Pushing the Vehicle/Foot Grounding] Rider Model Height: 176cm Model Height: 69kg

The center of gravity is the highest, and you feel heavy when pushing the vehicle.
The seat height is 895mm which is the highest in this 3-vehicle. The foot grounding is not good. If you are worried about it, it is better to lower the vehicle height.

It is a feeling of size that can ride with the most in peace, and a small-sized rider is also able to ride on. The handlebar swing angle is big, and it has a small turning circle.

This vehicle is the heaviest in this 3-vehicle but you cannot feel the heaviness to push the vehicle due to its center of gravity. The foot grounding also good, so, It is very convenient to use in on-road.

[Meter Equipment]


The slim meter at the center placement is simple to display speed and a variety of indicators and the clock. The handlebar switches that is the same with SEROW’s one is easy to operate and it is equipped with the hazard switch.

The various of indicator is in the left side and the liquid crystal part is off-set in the right side. The speed display is bigger for easy-to-see purposes.

The meter is compact and slim. The speed display is bigger for an easy-to-see purposes. The remaining amount of the fuel is also stated within the meter. it is the most good impression in this 3-vehicle. The switch of the handlebar is also easy-to-see. It is also equipped with a hazard lamp.

[Around the handlebar switch]

YZF-R25 (Left)
WR250R (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
WR250R (Right)
YZF-R25 (Left)
SEROW250 (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
SEROW250 (Right)
YZF-R25 (Left)
CRF250L (Left)
YZF-R25 (Right)
CRF250L (Right)



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