Upgrade your NMAX brake with Brembo Caliper Support!

  • 12/09/2016

New Brembo caliper kit and caliper support for YAMAHA NMAX has been released from KOHKEN. We bet you want to reinforce your brake loaded with “Blue Core Engine” to support sporty running that NMAX offers. This latest version of KOHKEN Brembo caliper kit comes with a 2POT P34 caliper.


It is a compact caliper by looking, but has a great braking force control which cannot be compared with what stock calipers offer. Brake calipers are available in two colors, gold and black. Also, KOHKEN’s tremendous anodization technique allows their caliper supports to have as many as 24 different colors in variations.Scooters are for daily use.


That is why we suggest you be particular about the brake performance. Give them a try!

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