• 26/05/2016


Today I’d like to introduce you the SUPER BANDIT13, latest helmet from SIMPSON NORIX.


A Unique Design

The biggest feature is the style that hasn’t changed since the Mad Max days in the ’70s. Many customers purchase it for its design. SIMPSON was established in the ’50s from NASCAR to offer racing helmets for 4 wheel racing cars. The company is now named SIMPSON NORIX and offers products with upgraded quality.


Let’s take a look at details of the helmet.



Upgraded Shield

First the shield. It has excellent sealability and has improved tremendously compared to early models. Sealability can be adjusted with the hex wrench that comes with the helmet. The shield is thick and firm. Opening and closing the shield can be adjusted using a coin.


Safety and Comfort

This product meets Japan SG safety standards. The liner is made with Made in Japan quality. Chin strap cover and cheek pads can be removed to wash. But the center pad can’t be removed so you’ll have to wash it without removing it. Size can be adjusted with the urethane material that comes with the helmet.


I’ve been longing for this helmet since the Mad Max days and this has given me a chance to realize that it is still unique and awesome. I would chose a white helmet with smoked shield that has typical SIMPSON style.


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Information Source: Webike Japan



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