HRC Works on MSX125(GROM)!

  • 22/03/2016


This pure racing bike might be based on a humble Honda MSX125 but the mighty Honda Racing Corporation (HRC) has gone to work on it in preparation for an HRC Trophy racing series.

The bike was seen in public for the first time at this weekend’s Osaka Motorcycle Show in Japan.

HRC is Honda‘s racing department and as well as working on all of the factory bikes taking part in MotoGP, motocross and everything else the company races in officially, it has now built this racing MSX 125 (or Grom as it’s known in many markets).

The heavily-tuned four-stroke, single-cylinder 124cc motor has been completely reworked by HRC and gets two-stage fuel mapping, a quickshifter, pitlane speed limited and an all-new exhaust system too. All of the bikes will be sold as a complete racing bike and will be standard for everyone taking part in the racing series which will be held in Japan.


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Information Resource: MCN


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