The Honda RC213V-S of 21.9 million yen to help Lake Hamana automobile schools get interested interest in the purchase bike

  • 22/03/2016


But 21.9 million yen of bike sales and say RC213V-S is the start of the Honda. About 200 units in the world, but about 10 cars in the country has been to have conclusion of a contract, this time in Shizuoka Prefecture “Lake Hamana driving school” to buy this RC213V-S, it is unveiled at the same school on March 14, It was.

Vehicle other exhibition at the school, this that you are also considering to lend for free, such as the country of the event.

Hamamatsu “hometown” of the bike. I think that along with the bike, I want you to develop also Manufacturing

Lake Hamana who Eiichi Iwamoto is the chairman of the driving school is, in the high magnification received a meeting with Honda, became also have contracted the Shito and philosophy.

Especially Hamamatsu as “bike hometown”, developed as a center of manufacturing, in Hamamatsu is also the land 2-wheeler plant to be Honda’s backbone has been placed for a long time. Iwamoto Mr. has said and its history also, “I want you to development Manufacturing in more and more bike” including.

SBS Television [Shizuoka Broadcasting System] News

Information provider [  Lake Hamana Driving School  ]

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