MAVERICK new titanium cup

  • 23/11/2016

Cup limited to last winter comes as regular product!

Titanium cup Taro blue has been released from the MAVERICK brand of Craft Armadillo, which plans, manufactures and sells motorcycle exhausts and parts.

Taro blue is a limited-time-only cup that was sold last winter. It joined the popular titanium cup series this time.

Taro blue is a pure titanium cup that is as easy to drink from and to use as the other products in the series. You can enjoy the smooth welding trace in beautiful tints and the unique shape using the end part of a motorcycle silencer without change.

In addition, this titanium cup series changed the name to MAVERICK Titanium Cup from Otoko cup along with the release of Taro blue.


MAVERICK Titanium Cup: Taro blue

Price: 8,100 Yen

  • Embossed playful message to motorcycle fans “Do not use on public roads. For racing use only.


The mirror finish to the curl end gives soft touch in drinking.

Both the handworked surface finish by a craftworker and the tints of burnt titanium provide stability at a high level, create individual characteristics, and deliver warmth despite the metal called titanium. This cup is good for a gift and a personal use.

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