Cafe Racer from BMW R75 / 5

  • 23/11/2016

BMW R75 / 5 was the sophistication to detail by the South Garage studio in the shape of a Cafe Racer super to have made waves believers classic car enthusiasts around the world.

The car you’re looking at is the style of Italian Cafe Racer Nerboruta. This is a form of the Cafe Racer, with the aim of increasing muscle size car.

The embryos to be used as a BMW R75 / 5 under 70s Converting a classic touring car into a vehicle carrying the characteristics of Bob’s Cafe extremely difficult. Occupies the most time is the reflow frame.

The elegance of this is used all the spare parts, engine parts genuine ( OEM ), premium leather material combined with visual art with which the timber. The car is much attention to every little detail should bring luxurious appearance and a powerful engine comes BOE.

Along Webike detailed admire this expensive car:




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