KAWASAKI ZRX1200 DAEG Final Edition will be Launched on 15th September

  • 09/08/2016
ZRX1200 Draeg

Last Model of the Long Beloved Big Naked ZRX Series

KAWASAKI has announced that they will be releasing the final model of ZRX1200 DAEG as ”ZRX1200 DAEG Final Edition” on 15th September.
ZRX1200 DAEG is a ”Standard Japanese Naked” Model. The model with traditional style and unique riding sensation that has captured the hearts of many fans has finally reached its final chapter.

Naked Sports Model with Engine Adopted from ZZR

ZRX1200 DAEG is based on ZRX1200R. It has been modified and will be available only in Japan. Apparently, the model name DAEG is not familiar to riders in countries other than Japan.
DAEG is a limited model only available in Japan. It is produced to fit riding positions of the Japanese and also other aspects such as output and that’s the secret why it has been admired from so many riders.

*ZRX1100; early model of the ZRX series

The ZRX1100 Model equipped with liquid-cooling engine that derived from high speed tourer ZZR1100 was released in 1996. At the time KAWASAKI Zephyr was winning a big market. In contrast with Zephyr’s air-cooling engine, ZRX1100 specialized sport characteristics that feature images of Eddie Lawson’s Z1000R1. The bikini cowl model was more popular compared to the naked model that was released around the same time.

*Z1000R; designs are based on this model

DAEG is Only Available in Japan

Eventually the engine was replaced with a 1200cc engine equivalent to the engine mounted to ZZR but due to numerous changes in emission regulations it required a full model change which gave birth to ZRX1200 DAEG, an exclusive model for the Japanese market.
It is 7 years after the first model was released in 2009 and due to emission regulations, ZRX will end production following KLX250 and W800.


End production : Say Goodbye to the Kawasaki W800!


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The final edition is designed with colors and graphics adapted from Eddie Lawson’s Z1000R1 that swayed the riders at the time. It has a beautiful retro design featuring special emblem and decal on the upper section of the tank and enough dignity to be the last model.


It also offers comfortable riding/standing position, luggage load and capacity in a high degree. The Final Edition is a special model that will satisfy the owner with sophisticated riding performance and handsome accessories. Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price: 1,204,200 YEN (Base Price: 1,115,000 YEN, Consumption Tax: 8,200 YEN)

ZRX1200 DAEG Final Edition

 Main Characteristics of ZRX1200 DAEG Final Edition

*Engine head cover is finished with gorgeous wrinkle painting.
*Special ”FINAL EDITION” decal is placed on the upper section of the fuel tank.

Modifications from the Standard Model

*Colors and graphic designs have been modified.
*Special Seat (5mm lower than standard seats)
*The color of the plate below the meter has been changed to gold.
*Meter Ring, Brake Lever, Clutch Lever and Radiator Cover are finished in black.
*Engine head cover is finished with wrinkle painting.
*Side Cover is decorated with special emblem.
*Clutch Cover Logo, Wheels and Caliper are finished in gold.
*Eccentric Chain Adjuster and Front Fork Top Plug is anodized in gold.
*Engine spin mark is finished with gold.
*Special ”FINAL EDITION” decal is placed on the upper section of the fuel tank.
*All decals are covered with clear overcoat.
*Fuel Injection Cover is plated.


Original Source [ [KAWASAKI Motors Japan] ] (*Japanese)



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