Kawasaki Z800 and the extreme beauty of the players pit Vietnam

Kawasaki Z800 beautiful child car extreme degrees and the pit of the Vietnamese players have proven creative abilities of the car’s home country biker brothers. The same view of the Kawasaki Z800 full polar cusp.

Kawasaki Z800 extremely beautiful and impressive peaks

Vietnam in recent years emerging trend car of the peak is not worse than that of you. With skilled hands and high production standards, the cars from the factory list of known Vietnam always attract the focus when rolling on the road. Nake Bike 800cc segment template named Z800 is a very popular PKL is today by designing streets characterized pits along price “Very pleasant.” Z1000 is god challenged juniors, Kawasaki Z800 still design lines Sumogi Japanese language, Vietnam was the first player to the driver with the same orchestra difference shirt terrible toy series from the world-famous brand .

Along fully see the Kawasaki Z800 extreme peaks and bunkers:

Racing exhaust SM 3 barreled shape as on the facing of carbon fiber MV Agusta

Ohlins forks

Vehicles using ruggedized Marchesini wheels, Brembo pigs before finally staging a full body anti-dump

Kawasaki Z800 stunning level with eye-catching chrome frame red shirt

Credit 2banh

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