Expansion K’s-STYLE, 2 strike “Ninja150RR” in the handling of the nationwide K’s-STYLE shop

Motorcycle imports, K’s-STYLE, which sells, in the overseas-only model “Ninja150RR”, has announced that it will start handling in K’s-STYLE shops nationwide.

Model that is sold, 2014 model year, two models of the 2015 model year. Selling price with a guarantee 1 year, ¥ 553,500 (base price 512,500 yen, consumption tax 41,000 yen).

“Ninja150RR” is one where you can taste water-cooled two-stroke single cylinder equipped with a lighter vehicle weight, coupled with a two-cycle-specific tremendous acceleration force and speed at the maximum output 29ps and compact. And continued production in Asia, it is possible to experience the two cycles of full power.

Kawasaki Ninja RR 150cc (2 stroke) engine start-up and exhaust sound

“Ninja150RR” Handling start

Ninja150RR 2015 years Green

suggested retail price: 539,900 yen (base price of 499,907 yen, consumption tax 39,993 yen)

Ninja150RR 2014 years Green

suggested retail price: 539,900 yen (base price of 499,907 yen, consumption tax 39,993 yen)

However, do you know that there is a two-stroke bike which continues still ran in the Asian region. Ninja150RR of Kawasaki also a one of such a bike. Overwhelming power that the maximum output 29ps emitted by the water-cooled two-stroke single-cylinder engine, which is mounted on the Ninja150RR, it is possible to experience the light of vehicle weight, coupled with a two-cycle specific tremendous acceleration force and speed in a compact.

For example, as the feel between say that also there to reach a speed of 130km. It means that turning performance is also to say that high that the vehicle weight is that light. In addition full cowl model of RR in the rectification effect can be expected. 2 stroke unique engine feel meet the possessiveness of the rider, me extraordinary to experience. Konasu lightly until the sharp cornering from the usual running, just landed finally in Japan “different dimension of potential” gives the “last two strike”!

– K’s style guaranteed one year.

– Body color, may differ slightly from the actual color.

– For the purpose of improvement, specifications and specifications are subject to change without notice.

  • Publication photograph, there are times when the actual import vehicle and specifications are different.


Height total length × overall width × 1,930 × 720 × 1,095 (mm)
Distance between the axes 1305mm
Minimum ground clearance 145mm
Seat height -mm
F suspension 33mm upright telescopic
R suspension Mono shock suspension
F brake Disc brake twin port
R brake Disc brake twin port
Weight of vehicle 134kg
engine Water-cooled two-stroke single cylinder
Starting method Kick Start
Ignition system CDI · carburetor Mikuni VM28
Bore × stroke 59.0 × 54.4 (mm)
Compression ratio 6.9: 1
Maximum output 29ps / 11,000rpm
Maximum torque 20N · m / 9,000rpm
Transmission Model Normally engage 6-speed return
Drive system Chain drive
Gear Ratio 1 speed 2.700 (27/10)
2-speed 1.706 (29/17)
3-speed 1.300 (26/20)
4-speed 1.091 (24/22)
Fifth 0.952 (20/21)
6-speed 0.864 (19/22)
The entire drive ratio 7.874 @ Top Gear
Fuel tank capacity 10.8L
Side oil capacity 0.8L
Coolant capacity 1.3L
Tire size (F) 90 / 90-17 49S
(R) 110 / 80-17 57S
The above figures are reprinted from the Owner’s Manual

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Information provider [ K’s-STYLE ]

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