Honda RC213V-S test ride review really great to do!?

  • 14/06/2016


The other day, I was allowed to ride in the Honda “RC213V-S” in circuit event of the two-wheeled magazine. This is a vehicle that brought the Matsubara, president of RS Taichi, we’ll do it is limited what people were also circuit test drive experience from among the participants, coupled with downright generous plan that, had not greatly excite the venue. I am also a few laps in between events, but why had you run the north short course of Motegi.


How is uncanny

As you know, “RC213V-S” in the MotoGP class, which is a road race of the world highest peak, 2013, fiscal 2014 and the “RC213V” 2 consecutive was champion machine and some specification changes, was able to run in the general public road It is the machine. To put it simply, it is like wearing a lamp compound and license plate in MotoGP machine.



As has also been written to Honda release of, rather than feedback technology obtained in racing to the commercial vehicles, essentially until the stance that “to run the machine, which was developed in order to win in the MotoGP public roads” is now etc. and also of the racer replica is decisively different part. Rather than the replica (counterfeit goods) that resemble the image, you realistic (real) to the contents.


Therefore, MotoGP similar to mass centralization and friction reduction and was thorough and machine, also said to be equipped with control technology. In addition, as an element that has generated an overwhelming difference between the production car, on the production “the weight of the component parts and machining precision” and “high skills at the time of production” and has been cited.


Commercial vehicle parts have been incorporated in the “to win”

The release there is a theory called “RC213V is composed of only the parts that are needed to win.” Previously as a story to support it, you may have heard to the Honda of developers, for example, if there are parts necessary to win in MotoGP, is so make it even over a period of 1 billion yen.


Motorcycle manufacturer with a state-of-the-art technology to the world’s largest, was created poured our best to win the race the world’s best machine. If you listen to the brother of the twins, will the dreadfulness can understand.



Do What kind of ride

Suddenly felt riding is “normal”. Tour of adrenaline came in from the body prior to the test drive, I was not enthusiastic only in the “dare to come any monster,” but I was surprised to would ride about naturally ends up anticlimactic.


Engine is lighter connection of the clutch calm, sound is also quiet. Raipoji is surprisingly without tight also tilted forward in the loose, a little big feeling than CBR1000RR. Only handle turning angle is regulated to 26 degrees, but still low-speed torque enough to be a U-turn also normally if roundabout also substantial.


Where there is no absolutely be “production of greatness” in the design and the sound is amazing to reverse. It’ll be would ride even beginners surely license collection.


Soar Such acceleration feeling on the wind

When running the circuit, vulgaris and is not one side that is a glimpse of the face. First response of the engine is fast. If you open the throttle on the straight, you will feeling that quickly rev limiter. Lev in Japan specification I think that there is also because it is set to low, but can not afford that, such as enjoy a rising sense.


Small parts every single precision of height that make up the engine, lack of friction loss and vibration will come acutely To transmitted from the rotation feel of the engine. Rather than acceleration feeling and kick the road surface is also a soar such lightness on the wind.


Handling is also a light than any machine riding until now, there is a sense of Hilali does not feel the mass of the weight of such engine. In particular, such as the S-shaped, it has a hunch that Kirikaese instantly from the left right of full bank if in the mood to the left. It’s scene to look good in MotoGP. Of course, it is borrowed, considering the price that you have yourself got is being limited, not to say.


And yet, a sense of security, a sense of stability in the Konarigu There are those of preeminent.What mass production stock car super sports turning performance Kiritoreru a tight line than of and accuracy of the line, did that there is no thing that I’ve ever had. For electronic control, it could not unfortunately ran up Azukareru to its benefits.



And its value

In the Honda, the machine from the old days are those riders manipulate, It is said that positioned as the “means necessary in order to win” to “ease of handling”. RC213V-S In this sense, “the world’s fast machine, also is a puppet easy to machine in the world” can be thought of as a model that embodies the Honda of thought itself that.


In fact, Matsubara, president of the owner of the RS Taichi, was come to self-propelled with RC213V-S from Osaka to became the venue “Twin Ring Motegi” It was a story that, lucky participants who were able to test drive this day I think that you have felt it, including me unanimously.


Originally RC213-V was announced last year, attracts attention to the price to break the common sense of a conventional motor cycle of 2,190 yen in Japanese yen, there is only there was also a sense that has been Hitoriaruki, understand the upbringing , if the person who has to experience the world of running a non-standard, seemed also satisfied with pricing.


Intact factory machine, also referred to as 1 volume billion, also would enjoy touring on public roads. For example, it might be easy to understand and try to replace it with the four-wheel of an F1 car.

Of course, I think that is necessarily the person who can own the RC213-V, but is values ​​people each, given as one of the culmination of the history and technology of human beings have piled up over the past more than 100 years Motorcycle , it seems and its value is large. If there is a chance that you can test drive in somewhere, please try to experience for yourself by all means!



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