Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched

  • 21/05/2016

Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 320

Honda PCX 125 2017


Honda was officially inducted into the last 18/5 days. Honda PCX 125 2017 is an upgraded version of PCX125 scooter models. The car will officially be on the market next year. After release PCX150 in this year.

1 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 136

Honda PCX 125 2017 debut


According to the site’s Motoblog Italy, Europe will be the first market to receive the Honda PCX125 2017. The strengths on the upgraded version of the manufacturer PCX125 Japan highlights include reliability, comfort, sporty design and competitive price.

2 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 226



Car reaches 1,315 mm wheelbase, 760 mm seat height is quite consistent with the majority of users.  About to width size quite comfortable with the size of 540 mm. Under seat space with 26 liters capacity, respectively 2 helmets. 130 kg heavy car, ground clearance of 135 mm.

3 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 320


Besides the pair of size 14 inch alloy wheels of 5-spoke format. Michelin City Grip. Brake size 220 mm single front and rear drum brakes.


4 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 414


Honda PCX 125 2017 equipped with LED headlights. Booting with buttons like some modern models of Honda. Table new digital clock. Car charger slot is integrated 12V mobile devices such as smartphones – the trend is gradually blossomed in many high-end scooter.

In addition, in order to meet the emission standards increasingly stringent in Europe, life PCX125 2017 certified Euro 4 standards.

5 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 510


Vehicles are equipped with single-cylinder engine capacity of 125cc, liquid-cooled, electronic fuel injection, produces maximum power of 11.5 hp at 8,500 rev / min, maximum torque 12 Nm at 5,000 rev / min. Integrated Vehicle Idling Stop feature which saves more fuel. According to the manufacturer, the car has a fuel consumption of 2.11 liters / 100 km. 8 liter fuel tank capacity.


6 Honda PCX 125 2017 officially launched - 69


In the 2017 version, the PCX will own 5 colors, including brown, white, gray burn, red, glossy black and matte black.


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