Yamaha, “YZF-R1” won global design award the “Red Dot Award”

  • 04/04/2016

Yamaha Super Sport model of the “YZF-R1” is the world-prestigious design award: was awarded the “Red Dot Award Product Design 2016”. The “Good Design Award”, “iF Design Award” followed by three eyes of Design Award.

In: “Red Dot Award Product Design 2015”, MT-07 sports bike has won the same award, became the winner of continuing for five consecutive years from the last year.

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Winning “YZF-R1” and “Good Design Award”, “iF Design Award” followed by three eye design awards worldwide design award the “Red Dot Award” for the fifth consecutive year

This time the world-prestigious design award: was awarded the “Red Dot Award Product Design 2016”. In addition, the same sport boat “242 Limited S” that was an entry in the award became the “honorable mention (honorable mention).” Winner of the award of our products will be five consecutive years from 2012.

In addition, “YZF-R1” (2015 overseas model) is a winner of every time this, following the “Good Design Award 2015”, “iF Design Award 2016”, became the Design Award of the third.

YZF-R1” was developed as a model with the potential of the circuit the fastest that you can experience the spirit of the MotoGP machine “YZR-M1”, is a super sports model.

Design, “YZR-M1” strive to innovation on the concept of the “Speed ​​Racer” with projecting an image of, we have built a new R-DNA.

“242 Limited S” is a sport boat to demonstrate unparalleled speed performance, the acceleration performance. The interior was stuck to the carpet and sheet, texture, such as steering, were maintained at luxury living space. In addition, it was equipped with a “multi-function display,” which adopted the color LCD panel that can be operated by joystick.Maneuvering at the time of straight, also equipped with a movable keel to improve the Hohari performance.

“Red Dot Award” is, in the Germany of the “Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen (North Rhine-Westphalia Design Center)” worldwide prestigious design award sponsored by, product design, communication design, in the three divisions of the design concept, products every year with the excellent design has been selected.


Since 1998, it has been leading the 1,000cc super sports market “YZF-R1“, renewed defines the main field to the circuit. High performance of the new engine, 6-axis attitude sensor adoption of the electronic control system, polished driving performance in the vehicle body structure utilizing magnesium and aluminum, insisted the new personality along with the design with improved aerodynamics.



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