Systemic evolution! One of the whole body to the middle class. CBR400R of “global model”

  • 23/02/2016


To renew the appearance tried to aging of each part “CBR400R”

It has been announced to be released on February 26, from Honda, Sport models equipped with the series two-cylinder 400cc engine “CBR400R”. But global models that share the mainly beginning with the CB500 series designed to be sold in Asia to Europe and Thailand.

Previously were present many models of 400cc, which had been made ​​in Japan own standard, long been less in the current.

CB400 series to be released this time is the “CBR400R” sports model of adventure model in the “400X”, naked type of “CB400F” is the line-up fall.

As a sport model with a cowl, let’s look at its evolution for the brush-up CBR400R.

– Driving performance –

And torquey driving performance of the low-speed range,

engine that are both relaxed of the high-speed range

399cm occur at 9,500rpm maximum output of 3 -water-cooled series two-cylinder engine.

Valve size and bore × stroke ratio, consideration of the port shape is superimposed, by streamlining the flow of the intake and exhaust, easy to handle in the full torque is the most frequently used low and medium engine speed region in the movement of the everyday, also high powerful engine characteristics are realized by the rotation range.

Valve operating system, valve scissors angle, port shape, a degree of freedom in design is high DOHC of the combustion chamber shape, introducing effective roller rocker arm and silent cam chain to the reduction of friction. In addition, along with the adoption of a 180 ° phase crank, low-vibration of the engine and the compact by the position of the balancer and the back of the cylinder. It has also granted excellent quietness.

The piston pin and connecting rod subjected to elaborate surface treatment, reduction of friction have been pursued. Piston fit thereto bore size φ67mm is selected, the piston lighter along with optimization of the piston stiffness / strength balance has been achieved, it is characterized by contrivance to eliminate the loss of the engine rotational portion is incorporated throughout.

Also reduce the friction to improve the oil film retention by the skirt to put a rough streak. Ingenuity of engine design to maintain the reliability even in high rotation can be seen.

Although the engine itself is a two-cylinder of DOHC, its output is 46 horsepower / 9,500rpm, torque and 3.8kgf · m / 7,500rpm, maximum torque 3.6kgf · m / 10,000rpm of the previous bearing the same naming “CBR400RR” It exceeds the.Although this number is in the regulation value at the time, in the two-cylinder engine of the new development is torquey, it is that you are in a more user of the drawer easy to power feel easy to imagine.

Suspension that are both good and high road surface follow-up of the ride and the flexible frame

Chassis performance to enjoy a pleasant ride in a variety of scene has been pursued with respect to the frame. Frame is steel tube diamond type that combines the lightness and toughness. While realizing the run with a sense of stability, moderate to bow characteristics of the steel pipe, tell the road surface changes in response well rider, leads to a light feeling to the handle operating characteristics.

Suspension to be combined with the frame, the upright front fork of the inner tube diameter φ41mm. It is to optimize the rigidity balance of the frame. The new preload adjustment mechanism is added to the front fork is equipped with a fork caps subjected to blue anodized. The rear is adopted Honda original pro link with a preload adjustment mechanism, which contributes to weight reduction and concentration of mass around the legs.

By this preload adjustment function both back and forth is provided, it has become that can cope with hard driving. Of course, in order to be able to adjust by weight, it can also be adjusted to suit more to myself.

Air management to enhance the comfort

It aerodynamic characteristics of a large hand was added in this minor change. For a more nimble and comfortable riding, set the duct to the windscreen and the middle cowl. While lowering the air pressure of the front face front, it contributes to handling with a light feeling by suppressing the vehicle body of the lift, the rectification effect of traveling is pursued.

Previously, there was often cowling covered in use to avoid as much as possible the wind, and the entrainment of the wind in recent years, such as a lane change at the time of high speed, have evolved larger aerodynamic design in response to every scene.

– Main equipment –

LED dual headlights

In sharp Kireaga’ design, dual headlights was effective glare. It adopted the first LED in the super sports model of the 400cc class. Also in space saving and weight reduction has contributed, even less power consumption.

It has arranged a sharp LED tail lights to the rear view. The red LED to the lens and clear specification is in the brake lamp by issuing.

In addition to the fuel gauge and clock, aggregating a variety of information, such as instant / average fuel consumption, fuel consumption display function. Simple multi-function meter is not changed from the model of 2015.

– Design –

The new CBR400R is incorporating the design of the new CBR series, it has become a sharp proportions more a sense of speed. The rear around a flipped up sharply with the front face, which was allowed to slant forward and aggressive image is emphasized, the exterior part is given a sculptural character line edgy, “sharp mass feeling” is directing ing.

Redesigned car body design and the new 400cc sports model that has been boiled down to details, it should be an attractive one in the segment of medium-sized license.

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