CB400 SUPER BOL D’OR ~No Worries for Beginners, Total Satisfaction for Experienced Riders~

  • 01/09/2016

CB400SF / SB have been having a record-breaking sales in 400cc class since April 2005 in Japan. It is true that there are not that many competitors around, but even you do not know that fact you will agree how well-made CBs are once you have a ride on it. Each part is so well made that it is not easy to criticize them by parts, such as engines or bodies. CBs are machines which are flawlessly balanced in all aspects.

Main riding situations which are suitable for middle-displacement naked-bikes are on the street and touring. Engines which used to be loaded with up to 07 models were high revving engines, but the latest model has the one which is engineered exclusively for the model. This engine with HYPER-VTEC technology switches the number of actuated valve depending on the rotational speed. This technology makes it happen to have the smoothness in low-to-medium rotation range and carefreeness in high rotation range at the same time. The latest version of “Revo” switches the number of acuated valve at 6300rpm for 1st to 5th gears and 6750rpm for 6th gear. This way you can gain enough speed to pass when you are cruising on a highway with 100km/h. We really would like to take our hats off to unflagging enthusiasm of CBs developers to pursue continuous improvement.

The body has a steel piped double cradle frame with a upright front fork, and the rear suspension has 2 shocks. It seems like a classical combination, but is very much considered its balanced rigidity.

With CB400SF / SB, You will experience very gentle handling on the street, but you will need sharper handling on mountain passes. The frame of the motorcycle is influenced by torsion when you are riding too aggressively. On the other hand, it is amazing that it turns out to be a good torsion to have smooth turns when it comes to riding on mountain passes at its speed range. Frames with high rigidity will have a higher risk of falling when it exceeds its grip-limit, but the CBs will change the disposition of torsion depending on speed ranges and let you know when it is getting close to its grip-limit.

However, you would realize CB’s real high quality while riding on the street, not on circuits. It offers such incredible power in low-to-medium rotation region. Handling is so smooth that you will never get tired when riding. No worries for beginners and total satisfaction for experienced riders. SUPER BOL D’OR with a half cowl offers a comfortable cruising experience even at high speed. We all know HONDA produces the best machines, but SUPER BOL D’OR is best of the best among them.

They also have the same model with a combined ABS system for extra 70,000 JPY (approx..). This system reached a very high degree of perfection, so we strongly recommend that you choose this version of SUPER BOL D’OR.


They renewed colors and graphics on SUPER BOL D’OR in 2010 February. Two-toned models has newly designed stripes, and the new color, Pearl Sunbeam White is added. There is no change in colors for solid models. The color of the engine exterior and front/rear wheels is in Matte Axis Grey Metallic for both two-toned and solid models. Rear suspensions springs are now in black, and reserve tanks are anodized titanium to emphasize its fearlessness. It now gives more fearless impression than ever with the black rear suspension spring and the anodized titanium colored reserve tank.



The chassis has a conventional combination of a steel pipe frame, an upright front fork, and two rear shocks. It makes it happen to have a nimble riding on the street and stability on the circuits at the same time. They can meet the needs of various riders by offering SF without a cowl and SB with a half cowl, and this is one of the reasons for the popularity.



The colors were changed in 2010 February. The color of the spring is black and the reserver tank is now in anodized titanium color.


The seat is made with high density urethane foam. The rear seat is very thick and large for comfortable two up riding, and it provides very good visibility.



The meters of Super Four. There is no change in basic designs and functions. Operation confirmation function with ignition switch is also equipped.



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