Honda CB Hornet 160R on the way to become the next segment leader?

  • 24/02/2016


The Japanese auto giant launched its radical power commuter the Honda CB Hornet 160R in the month of December last year. Since then the bike has been well appreciated all over and received a positive response from the Indian crowd. Not only its looks but sensible pricing made it an efficient motorcycle that might just be the next segment leader in this class.

According to the latest reports, Honda has sold more than 4,772 units of the CB Hornet 160R in the last 20 days of December. These are impressive numbers by a model which is among the newest faces in the industry.


Honda struggled to gain fraction in the premium/power commuter segment but it seems like Honda has hit the bull’s eye with the new CB Hornet 160R.

While it is climbing up the ladder there is one bike which seems to be struggling with the rising competition. Decrement in sales of CB Unicorn 160 might also be a result of production constraints at Honda’s manufacturing facilities as of for now Honda is bound to manufacture limited numbers of 160cc bikes. The month of December also marked the annual shutdown as a part of the regular exercise across various manufacturing facilities which further affected the manufacturing.


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