How to Search for Products (Advance)

  • 24/02/2016
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After you master the intermediate level of “How to Search”, let’s get going on our final level with two types of advance level!
Search by manufacturer

1. On the menu bar, you will see various of option By Model, By Brand, Motorcycle Parts, Gear Clothing, and a lot more. You can click on any of them, but for now, let’s look at YOSHIMURA.



2. All YOSHIMURA’s categories will appear.

search adv 3


  1. There are two ways to search for product in this page.

   3.1 Search from Keyword on your left.

   3.2 Search for only product that will fit your motorcycle on the right.

search adv 2



Search by Model (Look for every product that fits your motorcycle)


1. From our shopping page, scroll down a little bit and you will see Motorcycle Index.



2. After entering, you will see every motorcycle manufacturer categorized by country. Let’s take a look at BMW 751cc-1000cc.



3. You will see that this page is categorized by motorcycle displacement. Below each model, there are numbers indicating how many product this model has, how many brand, and how many customer’s review. After this is up to you to choose.



That is all for “How to Search”. Not complicate at all, yes? Now you will be able to use our search engine more precisely.



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