Finally! Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight engine series unveiled!

  • 24/08/2016


The Milwaukee-Eight will power Harley Davidson’s entire 2017 Touring range.

The Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight, the American brand’s first new engine family in almost 15 years, has been unveiled in two avatars – 107 and 114 (figures represent displacement in cubic inches).


The new engine continues Harley’s tradition of Big Twins but is employs single camshaft compared to the outgoing power plant’s twin cam setup. The number of valves, however, has been doubled to 8 (4 per cylinder) and hence the name Milwaukee-Eight.



The new engine series is air-cooled with what Harley describes as precision oil-cooled cylinder heads for select models. The company claims that the new engine is better than the one it replaces in every respect. It offers quicker throttle response, better sound, more overtaking power, and better refinement.


Technical specifications are not revealed yet but Harley says that the new engine has 10% more torque than the older unit that powers touring models (varies per model). The 8-valve setup and higher compression ratio have improved the intake and exhaust flow capacity by 50%. Despite the increase in displacement and power, the engine range doesn’t add extra weight and hence has better acceleration.


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The Harley Davidson Milwaukee-Eight 107 which displaces 1,745 cc accelerates 11% better than the Twin Cam High Ouput 103 unit from 0-60 mph. The Milwaukee-Eight 114 which displaces 1,870 cc 8% quicker than Twin Cam 110 from 0-60 mph.


The Milwaukee-Eight 107 with oil-cooled cylinder heads will power the likes of Street Glide Special, Road Glide Special, and Road King. The twin-cooled 114 unit will serve the CVO Limited. Air-cooled versions of these two engines will completely cover Harley Davidson’s entire 2017 Touring range.


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