Suzuki high popularity of large sport cars “Hayabusa (Hayabusa)” new color listed

  • 04/03/2016


Has a high popularity in the world of large sports cars -Suzuki “Falcon (Hayabusa),” the introduction of new colors and new painting models, has officially on sale in Japan.

“Falcon” is based on the idea of ​​”ultimate sports scooter” R & D from the vehicle, because it has a high aerodynamic performance unique appearance, with excellent performance Traveling, awarded by Suzuki proud flagship model, but also well received around the world.

The main part of the changes:

  • Change the color of the vehicle body and paint colors.
  • More front and rear frame rim stickers.

Total body color:

White / silver “pure speed pretty white / silver shining mystery”

Gray / black “Lightning metallic gray / black Dazzling”

Red / silver “Sweetheart Red / mystery shine silver” (new color), etc. 3.


Falcon ( H ayabusa) | GSX1300RAL6




The main function and feature

-To “armor” for the design of the body imagery, after repeated wind tunnel testing, thorough pursuit of high aerodynamic performance, and under the effect of wind knight, to create a unique appearance.

-European same specifications, carrying the maximum horsepower output of 145kW (197PS), maximum torque of 155N · m (15.8kgf · m) of 1,339cm3 water-cooled four stroke inline 4-cylinder engine.

-Choice of front wheel brake to play high braking force Brembo brake calipers made integral radiation, in addition to front and rear wheels are equipped with ABS.

-Equipped with high-speed cruise and when riding different road congestion engine mode, the knight according to personal preferences, habits, in accordance with the output characteristics of the engine horsepower, select 3 riding mode S-DMS (Suzuki Drive Mode Selector).

Information provided [SUZUKI]

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