Enless Passion The Classic Car Festival “Fuera De Fabrica Armado 2016”

  • 29/07/2016


About Euro-American Biker Biker always frantic world of motorcycle festival drowned polar nature and their passions. One of the festival that is Armado Fuera De Fabrica 2016.



Festival  Fuera de Fabrica Armado  ( AFF ), also known as  Armed Out Of Factory  is a festival of the cars in the style of classic appear their owners. This year’s festival is located in the beautiful city of Buenos Aires has attracted hundreds of monster driver, biker attend.



AFF was founded only in 2015 by a local car shop called La Milla Del Diablo. They focus the hands of both professional and amateur to the referendum together this unique cars, the most bizarre. First season attracted 150 drivers attended.



To participate in the hands of the festival, hell drivers must bring their vehicle and they must belong to the degree as Bobbers, Choppers, Café Racers, and Scramblers and Trackers with the style expressed through costumes ….




*** This is the photo of the exciting moments of the festival were taken from the lens of photographer Matt Coleman


Information Source: Webike Vietnam



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