5 Ways to Unmask Fake Brembo!

  • 29/07/2016


THE BREMBO INSCRIPTION DOES NOT GUARANTEE THAT THE PRODUCT IS OFFICIAL: HERE ARE ALL OF THE TIPS TO FIGURE OUT WHEN YOU’VE GOT A FAKE ON YOUR HANDS. We have put together a 5-point mini guide to outline the characteristics that distinguish an original Brembo product from a fake.


1. The Anti-Counterfeiting Card

The first and most reliable tip to understand if you have a false Brembo product on your hands is the absence of the Anti-Counterfeiting Card. Brembo High Performance and Racingcomponents are always delivered with an Anti-Counterfeiting Card. If the product is not accompanied by an Anti-Counterfeiting Card, you may be dealing with a fake.


The Card is found with the instructions, inside a sealed wallet. The buyers have to “scratch” the silver strip on the back of the Card to reveal a six-digit code, then insert this on the www.original.brembo.com website in order to confirm that the component is an original. This confirmation can be done right there at the point of sale, since the website can also be navigated from a smartphone.


2. The Cost

Prices that are decidedly too low compared to what is exercised by other vendors for the same product (a similarity maintained only by the counterfeiters, not by reality) are a clue that something is not right. How can someone offer you a Brembo component at a modest price, when he paid as much as the other vendors? What is his profit margin? An exaggerated discount could be a warning of an attempt to sell a fake: it is less expensive because it is shoddy and the Brembo brand was affixed on it fraudulently. 


If in doubt, ask him the reason for this unusual price reduction.


3. Distributor

Those who hope to have made the deal of the century but end up swindled, did not give the right importance to the identity of the salesperson and did not look into what his business really is. In other words, if you have any doubts, make sure the vendor is a customer of an Official Brembo Distributor.


To do so, contact the Brembo Distributor in your country by telephone and ask for a reference for the vendor who is selling you the product. The complete list of Official Brembo Distributors can be found at http://www.brembo.com/en/bike/sporting-use/distributors. If the Brembo Distributor has never heard of the person in question, change vendor.


4. The Configurator

Sometimes braking components are introduced on the market that have never been produced by Brembo. Indeed, Brembo does not produce calipers, discs, master cylinders and clutches for all motorcycles, but only for some models and only after having carefully designed and tested them. If in doubt, you can consult the Brembo configurator: just insert a little bit of simple information about your bike in the configurator (www.moto.brembo.com) like the brand, engine size, model, and the year of the first registration, and the configurator will indicate which products are available for your specific bike and where they can be purchased.


If you don’t find the product that they want to sell you for your motorcycle, it is likely that you have a fake on your hands or an original product that is not appropriate for your bike. In both cases, we suggest you turn to the Brembo Distributor in your country for further clarification.


5. Adaptations

Brembo High Performance components never require adaptations and are sold in a kit that comprises all of the necessary elements for assembly.

So, if you are offered a Brembo product that requires external adaptation elements (spacers, clamps, etc.), you might be dealing with a fake or an original Brembo product meant specifically for Racing, which means it is designed for professional teams and therefore requires specific technical skills to be used.


In both cases, we strongly suggest that you contact the Brembo Distributor in your country for additional clarification and support.


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