Visiting BMW Plants!

  • 05/04/2016


BMW is the famous car brand comes from Germany, has a lot of questions to be posed to the problem “1 BMW are manufactured and assembled like?” This paper collectibles will give us insight truest of manufacturing processes, assembly of BMW from the smallest detail.


BMW production plant is operated almost entirely by machine from assembly to production stage. The small mechanical components are molded into shape after going through the assembly to link them together, from the pistons, camshafts, hand painted black to vehicle engineering are done by machine with robotic arm . After completing the detail, BMW’s engineers conducted the first car assembly complete, then the dyno on the table to begin setting up electronic parts. Through so many stages, the car will be packed and put into barrels and shut up truck numbers and export market.


Some more paint is made manually, using a brush to workers who show car.


Even the paint is sprayed by hand and robot.


HP4 is nearing completion.


R1200 GS after complete dyno run will bring to the table


*** Video introduction of BMW production process



Information Source: Webike Vietnam


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