BMW Motorrad at EICMA – success breeds success

  • 08/02/2016


The BMW Motorrad success story continues with each passing year and the opening day at the EICMA international motorcycle show in Milan, Italy, confirmed the brand’s upward trend with even more models unveiled to an expectant crowd of journalists and enthusiasts packing out an all-new exhibition stand.

Head of BMW Motorrad Stephan Schaller briefly reviewed the first 10 months of what is predicted to become the most successful year in the brand’s over 90-year history, before setting the scene for the introduction of some exciting new motorcycles and maxi-scooters heading our way in the near future.

Despite five new models already having been launched earlier this year (S 1000 XR, R 1200 R, R 1200 RS, S 1000 RR and F 800 R) the brand’s product offensive was clearly in evidence at the EICMA press conference, starting with the introduction of the new C 650 Sport and GT maxi-scooters that were presented to the international press just days earlier.


This was swiftly followed by the eagerly-awaited G 310 R – the first BMW roadster under 500cc and a confident first example of the long-term plans to extend the model range and move into entirely new segments and markets. Weighing in at just 150kg and with an ample 34 hp available from its innovative single-cylinder power plant, the G 310 R is expected to be an attractive proposition for younger riders, newcomers to biking and re-starters, and will surely take the brand into previously unchartered territories worldwide.


And then it was time for something completely different — the world premiere of the R nineT Scrambler. At the same place where the nineT story had begun just two years earlier this next chapter was revealed for the increasing number of purists and heritage fans out there. Not focussing on outright performance and hi-tech, but driven instead by the heart, this beast of a bike is all about pure riding pleasure at its best – a stripped-to-the-essentials, heritage-style scrambler with longer spring travel, raised twin exhaust, knobbly tyres and all manner of customisable accessories available for bespoke personalisation.


And there was even more, with updated F 700 GS and F 800 GS models on show alongside the entire 2015/16 line-up. Suffice to say that this relentless pursuit of perfection is the result of a dedicated and passionate BMW Motorrad workforce around the world who leave nothing to chance. In closing the press conference, Schaller credited all his employees for the brand’s continued growth, stating that they are the reason that BMW Motorrad is the most successful manufacturer of premium motorcycles and scooters in the world today.

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