Shedding Tear, Aprillia SR150 Now in Production in India!

  • 15/03/2016


Just last week we heard news about Forza 125 in Indonesia. Today we have news on Aprillia SR150 in India for you. The model is in production right now and will be available around June-July. The estimate price is 52,000 baht.

This one has 150cc single-cylinder unit that churns out 11.4bhp of max power and 11.5Nm of peak torque. It comes equipped with 220mm disc at the front and a 140mm drum unit at the rear.


After viewing every dimension of this model, it sure has aggressive and stunning look than other scooters. Equipped with 14 inch alloy wheel to enhance the look. If this one got imported to Thailand, maybe it will can be competed with Zoomer X. Though there are differences in their specifications, we believe that Thai bikers want to have an aggressive and powerful scooter as their buddy.

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Source: bikeportal

Image: Zigwheel

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