BMW Pulls The Wraps Off Its New K 1600 B Bagger

  • 26/10/2016

Inspired by the American-born bagger scene that helped shape Concept 101, the K 1600 GT-based bagger gets a new rear section for a lower, more stretched-out look and updated side bags that are claimed to have a deeper body. The B’s spec sheet suggests that the seat is non-adjustable (as it is on the GT), but BMW does say that the seat height is significantly lower, especially for the passenger (the rear end is a claimed 2.75 inches lower).


BMW has replaced the GT’s tall windscreen with a shorter, electrically adjustable unit that works better with that high front, low back stance. It also says that the fairings and updated wind deflectors are designed to provide some wind and weather protection. Because even on America’s back roads, you can never predict the weather.


As with the K 1600 GT, the B’s six-cylinder engine is claimed to make right around 160 hp and be more compact than the competition. The bike will come standard with three riding modes (Rain, Road, and Dynamic), Dynamic Traction Control, and Dynamic ESA with “Road” and “Cruise” damping modes. Shift Assist Pro, reverse assist,  hill start control, adaptive turning lights and more, are all available as an option. But, like all other BMWs, you can upgrade the 1600 B with various BMW-specific packages that feature a combination of these options. These packages include:


  • Safety package: Adaptive turning light, daytime running light, tire pressure control TPC, and Hill Start Control
  • Comfort package: Shift Assistant Pro, central locking, alarm system DWA, Keyless Ride, and LED additional headlight
  • Touring Package: Reverse assist, audio system, and preparation for navigation unit.

While the K 1600 B does not look as aggressive as Concept 101, it’s still a bit of a departure from the BMW norm, and it’ll be interesting to see how far the changes, which I’ll admit seem a bit minor at first, alter the bike’s overall presence. For the bagger-loving type who were looking elsewhere, it may just be enough. For others, maybe not.

Credit: cycleworld and BMW


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