CBR 250 RR product development test ~ IKAZUCHI full exhaust edition

  • 27/01/2017
CBR250RR x Trickstar00

This time I would like to upload the test of CBR 250 RR, IKAZUCHI full exhaust (product version) at the Suzuka Circuit West Course announced by faceBook, the other day with a test rider Yamamoto ‘s impression.

On the Suzuka West Course, I planned to run three 30 minutes 30 minutes, but as the surface of the road was wet due to the rain falling on the dawn of the day from the night before the day I canceled the first run in the morning, I canceled from the 2nd in the morning It became running and it became only running for two minutes for 30 minutes.

In the initial schedule I planned to test the slip-on which was the best in Nishiura for the first one, the specification of the full-fledged specification 1, the 3rd on the 2nd full-fledged specification, 2, but the specification of the full-fledged 2 Canceled and this test was simply a comparison test of slip – on and full – eyed.

CBR250RR x Trickstar

Firstly start running with this slip-on! It is!

Running is 130 R, west course shortcut, chicane is partly wet and we will gradually raise the pace while watching the appearance.

Rising up the spoon curve and accelerating it comfortably, the 180 km limiter works around the west course paddock! It is!

CBR250RR x Trickstar01

When measuring at 180 kilometers, the actual measurement is about 173 kilometers. If it is 173 kilometers in the vicinity, if there is no 180 kilometer limiter, I think that over 190 kilometers will come out on slip-on at the straight end. CBR terrible!

By the end of the day the wet part was much dry and eventually it was 1 minute 39 seconds 4. (For reference, Ninja 250 ‘s best time on the West course is 1 minute 36 seconds 5.)

CBR250RR x Trickstar02

The next run will be from the afternoon run and it will be at IKAZUCHI FUKUEKI. The road was completely dry and I ran with dry conditions.

When I started running and accelerated from the pit I started running with surprises that it accelerated at all than slip on.

Immediately I started 38 seconds, 37 seconds suddenly I pitted for more than 2 seconds. It accelerates over the whole area than the slip-on, and the full-express is faster all the time! It is! Emblem also felt the difference in Nishiura but comment that on the high-speed course you do not know the difference. By the way, at IKAZUCHI Furueki, 180 km limiter came in front of the West Course paddock.

CBR250RR x Trickstar03

If you cancel the limiter if it hits the 180 kilometer limiter at this position, perhaps it will be 200 kilometers if IKAZUCHI FULL EX + CBR 250 RR! It is!

Pit out and further time up, eventually 1 minute 37 seconds was cut off and time was up to 1 minute 36 seconds 9.

CBR250RR x Trickstar04

The specifications of the vehicle remain the same as the previous time, except for a muffler, cowl, step, handles are normal vehicles in the state of a market car.

If you cancel the suspension or 180 kg limiter, there is room for time-out from 2 seconds to 3 seconds, so if you are JP spec, it will be possible to time up on the west course from 2 to 3 seconds from the time of Ninja 250 .

I ran into CBR 250 RR Suzuka and I was further aware of the height of that potential! And compatibility with IKAZUCHI silencer is also quite good! It is!


Although it is a product development of CBR 250 RR just started, TRICKSTAR will work on product development with full power so that you can prepare the best hard parts at the same time as selling in Japan! It is!

This time I would like to upload a lot of test vehicle images.

Changes of the normal

  • IKAZUCHI full exhaust

-prototype TRICKSTAR back step

  • A-TECH made full cowling (diverted Ninja250AP cowl)

Tire Arufa13SP

-aluminum handle

CBR250RR x Trickstar05 CBR250RR x Trickstar06 CBR250RR x Trickstar07 CBR250RR x Trickstar08 CBR250RR x Trickstar09

Super thanks: Trickstar.jp


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