Cannot be Away from Them! Revealed Quintessence of Traffic Police

  • 04/11/2016
Japan traffic police

[Kenny Sagawa : Webike News Editor]

National Motorcycle Police Safe Driving Meeting was held in early October, as usual.

This annual meeting is held at the safe driving central training center in Hitachinaka, Ibaraki. Selected elite motorcycle police officers are gathered from 47 different prefectures and compete the achievement of their daily practice. This is literary “Motorcycle Police Japan Championship”.

“3 Top Guns” chosen from each prefecture to compete “Motorcycle Police Japan Championship”

There are about 3000 motorcycle police officers nationwide, and they work at local police stations, or as a Traffic Police officer, a highway police officer.

However, these police officers are young and well-trained physically and mentally to participate this championship as a representative of each prefecture.

Those who can participate this championship went through such a narrow gate to get together and compete each other.

This is literary “best of best”. In other words, they are “Top Guns” of motorcycle police.


Pro’s Safe Riding Techniques on the Public Road

Main duty of traffic police is to maintain the smooth traffic and control dangerous driving. They are required to accomplish their duty while protecting their own safety on the public roads which have potential hazards all over.

We can call those traffic police officers professional drivers on the road with full of killer technique

I wondered what the quintessence of them was.

It is “assuredness”. They are not allowed to make any mistakes on the public roads which are full of danger. They are required to present an exemplary ride in any situations. Moreover, they are required to have skills to control a vehicle under any conditions, such as mountain roads, narrow alley ways, or muddy roads in rain.

20161026_sagawa_column_03*Figure 8

Utilizing the Techniques which can be Taken Advantage of on any road conditions

I was told by a traffic police officer that people who were sent to the devastated area first were traffic police officers to determine the damage situation. People got their hopes up that riding skills of traffic police officers and motorcycle’s mobility will reach the affected area very quickly.

Another story has that a guy on an off-road motorcycle with a traffic violation rode up stairs in the park to run off but a traffic police officer caught up with him without any problem and he got arrested.

It has been said for many years that we are not going to be away from the traffic police, but you will be convinced that is true when you see how those officers perform right in front of you.


“Balanced Ride”, “Trial”, “riding on a rough terrainand ” and “Slalom” are seen in the National Meeting

The national meeting is held for 2 days. Balanced ride and trial are shown on the first day, and riding on a rough terrainand and slalom on the second day. A person who earns the most scores from those 4 sections will win the championship.

It is obvious from the events shown above that they are not just ride on a smooth paved roads.

20161026_sagawa_column_05*Avoiding and Braking

It can be simply expressed that “balanced ride” includes figure 8, U-turn, balanced at low speed, and avoiding and braking. These events are designed based on the riding in the busy city areas.

“Trial” is an event to see one’s run-through performance on obstacles such as a steep hill or stairs. “riding on a rough terrain and” is what we call “motocross”. It is to see if how well you can control a vehicle on a slippery dirt course.


20161026_sagawa_column_07*Riding on a rough terrain

And, the highlight of the meeting is the last event to occur. Slaloming is a sprint competition over a winding and zigzag course marked by pylons without making mistakes. Your skill to turn corners at mid-low speed range will be tested.

Skill to Turn without Leaning the Bicycle


Traffic police officers have their own unique ways to ride. They lean down their upper body inside when cornering, but there is a reason for that.

At the meeting, if any part of the motorcycle chassis touches the ground they will lose scores, so they use techniques to turn corners without leaning the chassis down. To fight against the strong centrifugal force, they increase the amount of their body weight shift instead of leaning down the chassis.

As a result their record of riding on a slippery road in the rain was not much different from the one on the dry ground. Furthermore, surprisingly, they did it without having a test ride. This is what we call techniques of pros who are not allowed to make any mistakes.

We can say that those professional skills of traffic police officers are meant to be achieved

It have been getting colder and colder to have full-blown fall. “fall traffic safety campaign” is already over, but we should be persistent to be mindful of safe driving

*Photos shown in this article were not taken at the competition in 2016.



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