[New product] Sunstar, JP250 regulation enabled Released racing brake

  • 05/02/2016


Sprocket / brake disc Sunstar to perform the planning, manufacturing, and sales of, newly established from 2016 the road race category, was released racing brake corresponding to JP250 regulation.

JP250 regulation corresponding racing brake

Newly established from 2016 the road race category “JP250”. This class international promoted from also becomes possible, young training in this class to be expected, no brake is essential to machine tuning is necessary in order to get the glory of the first year champion.

The Sunstar There is racing disk rotor corresponding to the regulation of the JP250 class. By the synergistic effect of the racing brake pad sales began to racing team from last year, and promises exquisite and stable brake feeling. Sunstar of premium racing and a set of racing brake pads, is the choice to win.

◆ lineup


-KAWASAKI: Ninja250 / R / SL

◆ disk rotor Price

Hall type: 30,000 yen + tax

Hall & slit: 35,000 yen + tax

Brake pad ◆ Price: Open price






Also vehicles JP250 exhaust amount is small, reducing the horsepower loss (friction loss) by the drive system in order to direct the time, weight and exchange of racing chain sprocket is required. In Sunstar There are lightweight sprocket size 520. Compatibility with the racing chain is excellent. There is a convert to 415 size as a selection for further to aim up. JP250 exhaust the amount of 415 size chain of class correspondence has been published in some of the chain from the manufacturer this year in January. Even Sunstar Along with this we began to sprocket development for 415 conversion. Please stay tuned because it is intensive in development.

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