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Leave all the matter of tire to me! I’m Tomo as known as Tire man in Naniwa.

Actually, I participated in a workshop about ARAI’s helmets last year, and I’m also in charge of reporting helmets.

Today, I’m going to introduce topical “SHOEI X-14.”

This X-14’s concept is ‘track riding.’ I can see that each part is based on the concept.

Now, I have borrowed X-14.


SHOEI X-FOURTEEN Fullface Helmet


The X-14 I borrowed is white, M size.

To compare, I place SHOEI X-12, its previous type, side, by side.

On the whole, I feel that the shell body becomes longer and looks smart.

Seeing from the side, you can see how long it becomes.


About its new functions!

1. Aero

First of all, I should talk about the gray wing parts at the rear.

You may care about that. This is called Rear Stabilizer System. The parts’ straightening effect makes you enable to turn your face even while driving at over 200 km/h! (Patent pending). When I try watching backward in main straight, it often happens that may head is moved by wind! However, X-14 has the system to relieve that.

Furthermore, it is fastened with screws. So, it can be changed! There are wide type (standard) and narrow type (optional flap.) Users can customize as they like it also depend on the purpose, for straight or corner.


2. Mysterious dots on the shield.

Can you see there are some dots at regular intervals on the bottom part of the shield? These are the function also installed cars recently. It supposed to reduce air friction. The function is called Vortex Generators. The tiny fins make the aerodynamic characteristics control positively. All the part is made for track riding!


3. The opening part is wide!?

You can see it when you open the shield that the helmet’s opening part expands upward.

If you ride on track, you may know the reason. The field of vision always becomes narrow as the rider lean forward in straight. It is user-friendly to designed to catch the rest! Furthermore, by changing the position of hooks inside, it can be adjusted to four more degrees upward. It makes your visual field wider! This system helps those who have hurt necks by facing up too much.


4. The difference of ventilation

Though it increased in number, and the shape changed, there is no big difference between X-14 and X-12 basically. However, the exit couldn’t be shut down and its soundproof performance is sacrificed. Touring users may care about it.


5. Can it be contained in a scooter?

As I asked those who had scooters to put it in their scooters. X-14 has never been contained even I tried all the angles. It is hard to contain it in both Address and Cygnus which are often used for going to work. In order to contain it safely, the following ways may need; put a rear box, or take it with you, giving up containing it.


6. Extra: Interior, Shield Lock

Those are like as follows. The shield is completely new model with, of course, new system. In addition to double locking system prevent from sudden open or close, its rigidity is strengthened by putting ribs at the top and bottom part of its shield. With those, the sealing property is improved regardless of the speed region!


I tried mounting each vehicle.

As I actually put it on, my impression is very light. When I put it on my hand, I felt the weight was not different from X-12. However, when I actually fit it, it is surprisingly light. I think things like its center of gravity are closely calculated. As I don’t travel actually, I can’t see how it works. But it becomes easy to face around!










As you can see, it looks beautifully compact, combining the helmet’s shape when I ride on super sport as lean forward!

When you see the picture I lean forward, you may know that the line from the bike’s screen to the rear of the helmet is smooth. This is designed with extreme care. Very cool!



Now, I have introduced X-14 a lot. SHOEI’s keyword is ‘track riding.’Due to the aero part jutting out, there may be some differences to use this in daily lives. However, I was impressed that its purpose is completely focused on using on track, not crammed with other purpose. This time, I showed the solid color model, but I’m also caring about graphic model. Can’t wait the announcement!



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