2017 Husqvarna Two-Stroke Line Announced With All-New TC250

  • 13/06/2016


Husqvarna announced updates to its 2017 two-stroke motocross line including a completely revamped TC250 joining the returning TC125 and TC85

The 2017 TC250 gets a completely new 250cc two-stroke engine. Husqvarna raised the clutch shaft by 4 mm and the crankshaft by 19.5 mm, changes designed to improve mass centralization.


Husqvarna also added a new counter balancer to help quell vibrations. The 66.4 mm bore cylinder gets a new power valve system Husqvarna claims delivers smooth and controlled power across the rev range. A new water jacket design improves heat dissipation while the cylinder head mountings were redesigned to reduce the transfer of engine vibrations to the frame.


The chromium molybdenum steel frame is all new and is paired with Husqvarna’s three-piece subframe. Now across Husqvarna’s motocross lineup, the subframe is made of 30% carbon fiber, contributing to its claimed weight of only 3 pounds.



The TC250 and TC125 also receive the new WP AER 48 air fork. The left fork tube contains an insulated air shock that can be adjusted using a pump. The right leg uses an adjustable hydraulic damping unit. The TC85 maintains a traditionally-sprung fully-adjustable 43mm upside-down fork.


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